Kristen Kuchar

Kristen Kuchar is a writer and editor that is fortunate enough to cover her greatest interests: travel, food, and craft beer. The Chicago native recently returned from a twenty-one state culinary and beer road trip where her passion in both increased even more. She is also a member of the Pink Boots Society.

Kristen's Articles

Craft Beer and Pizza: 7 Regional Pies and Pints

With three billion pizzas sold in American every year and 350 slices eaten each second, it is no doubt that we love pizza. Our pizza obsession lead us to discover these seven regional pizza styles and nearby craft beers that work well with each unique pie. more»

10 Must-Visit Brewpubs in Northern Illinois

Whether you’re headed north to the Windy City, south to the historic capital of Springfield, or if you’re just looking to explore some of the best breweries in Illinois, you’re fortunately bound to come across great food along the way. more»

Mac n’ Dreams Come True: Craft Beer Mac n’ Cheese

While writing her new book Mac n’ Cheese to the Rescue, Kristen Kutchar found that craft breweries and brewpubs across the country are adding their beers to their make their mac n' cheese dishes really stand out. Here are some of her favorite dishes and a recipe of her own. more»