Craft Brewers Dig Into Halloween Candy

By Andy Sparhawk

Happy Halloween from! Now that you’re all grown-up this holiday has inevitably changed, but there’s still plenty to enjoy—hopefully with a craft beer in hand.

We’ve talked about candy and craft beer pairings before in “Craft Beer’s Halloween Candy Bag,” and found it to be quite literally a mixed bag. It’s difficult to take candy that is singularly sweet and try to find balance with a craft beer that is far more complex. But, it’s cool to see craft brewers getting in on the fun, offering tips on their brewery blogs for pairing their beers with Halloween candy. It’s time to sneak a few sweets from the kids’ candy bucket and get to pairing!

Victory Brewing Company | Downingtown, Pa.

  • Festbier + Peanut Butter Cup: The malt used in our Festbier has a sweetness and roastiness that gives it a peanut character which pairs perfectly with the delectable treat from Reese’s.
  • Storm King Stout + Tootsie Roll: Like our Russian Imperial Stout, Tootsie’s got a toasted edge to it. There’s more at play here than just sweetness. The burnt chocolatey undertones of the midge paired with the roasted malt in our Storm King…
  • HopDevil IPA + Candy Corn: The caramel sweetness evident in both the sugary kernels and the devilish ale meld wonderfully when enjoyed together.
  • Golden Monkey + Almond Joy: It’s the coconut in the candy and the banana notes in the Golden Monkey that make this a joyful duo. Both boast tropical fruit flavors that work well together.
  • V-Twelve + Sweet Tarts: Pucker up for a brilliant combination of sweet and sour. The fruitiness and sweetness found in our V-Twelve balance perfectly with the aptly named candies.

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Natty Greene’s Pub and Brewing Co. | Greensboro, N.C.

  • Buckshot Amber Ale + caramels and candy corn
  • Southern Pale Ale + sour candies
  • Wildflower Witbier + marshmallow

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Karl Strauss Brewing Company | San Diego, Calif.

As southern California prepares for San Diego Beer Week (SDBW) from November 2 -11, Karl Strauss is celebrating in its own Halloween-themed way by releasing SDBW Peanut Butter Cup Porter—yum! They’ve even shared a recipe for a delicious ice cream float made with the beer.

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