Schlafly Seeks to Stay Local while Initiating Succession Plan

By Kirby Bennett

After 20 years of partnership Tom Schlafly and Dan Kopman of Schlafly Beer (The Saint Louis Brewery) decided it was time to develop at what they call a “succession plan.” They decided the three main goals of the plan would be to stay local, create an employee stock purchase plan, and to ensure capital for future growth.

Tom Schlafly wanted to be sure “senior and long-term employees will be able to purchase stock in the company” while “transferring a majority interest to local investors committed to keeping the business in St. Louis.”

It took two years of planning, but as of August 31, 2012, a local investor group now owns a significant stake in the brewery, and a stock purchase plan is in place for eligible employees. Dan Kopman says he “feel(s) an excitement similar to 1991″ (when the brewery opened). The Schlafly Brewery will celebrate its 21st Birthday on December 26 and the future is looking bright!

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