International Beer Day: August 5, 2011


Here at we would like to encourage you to celebrate International Beer Day (IBD) with all of your craft beer brethren around the world. Currently there are over 278 known IBD celebrations planned across 138 cities and 23 countries worldwide. Here’s a little information from IBD on why it was created and how to celebrate. Learn more about IBD on Facebook and Twitter.

The purpose of International Beer Day is threefold:

  1. To gather with friends and enjoy the deliciousness that is beer.
  2. To celebrate the dedicated men and women who brew and serve our beer.
  3. To bring the world together under the united banner of beer, by celebrating the beers of all nations and cultures together on this one remarkable day.

How to Celebrate International Beer Day

World Beer Cup

We at the Brewers Association (publishers of also have a little celebration of craft beer around the world called the World Beer Cup (WBC). Often referred to as “The Olympics of Beer,” this bi-annual event is considered the most prestigious beer competition in the world. With more than 3,300 entries from 44 countries in 2010, we’re looking forward to a record-breaking 2012! You can look for the results on May 5, 2012.