Beer Books: The Stocking Stuffer Guide

By Kristi Switzer

Looking for that last “little something” for the beer lover on your list? Fortunately, if you’re buying for a book-lovin’ beer enthusiast, the last 18 months has provided plenty of ideas for gift-giving.

Here is a cheat sheet for recent releases grouped by category. Make a list and check it twice. Oh, and if you’ve been nice this year (heck, even if you’ve been naughty!) go ahead and treat yourself to one too.

Beer & Food

Breweries have been getting into the publishing game a lot recently. Just look at these three cookbooks, they’re perfect for anyone that appreciates beer and food and beer in food can choose from:

  • Cooking LouisianaI have my eye on Cooking Louisiana True by Abita Brewing Company. Cajun cooking and beer—can you say “heaven”? Even Emeril Lagasse has a recipe in there. Bam!
  • Looking for approachable but delectable recipes? Alaskan Brewing Company debuted their cookbook Cooking with Alaskan Beer last year. This book is chock full of 101 of the best recipes culled from many years of annual cook-offs with the Brew Crew and Alaskan investors, the results are all tested by Chef Stefani Marnon.
  •  While The Dog Chow Cook Book seems like an irreverent name for a cookbook, it makes more sense knowing it comes from the fun-loving folks at Maryland’s Flying Dog Brewery. Their Doggie Style Mac & Cheese is featured on Short and sweet, it’s reasonably priced and there is even an option to add a “Beer: It’s What’s for Dinner” apron. I want one!

Business of Beer

Oxford BeerBeer Knowledge

At 3.8 pounds, The Oxford Companion to Beeredited by Garrett Oliver, is probably better off under the tree than in a stocking! This 900-page book, was one of the most talked about new releases this year, and covers everything about beer from A to Z. From brewing terms, beer styles and traditions to history and personality profiles—all can be found authored by over 160 prominent experts.

Beer Travel

Guides to regional, national and even some international beer areas abound this year! To begin with, Michael Jackson’s Great Beers of Belgium is back in print in time for the holidays and is a great resource on Belgian beers. There are new guides for the Pacific Northwest, Indiana, Colorado plus books covering the nation’s best craft beers and the stories/people behind them.

Homebrewing Books

So there you have it—as far as getting them to fit in the stocking, I can’t help you with that one. But, you could always go get a bigger stocking and add a companion six pack of their favorite craft beer. After all, reading is thirsty business when it comes to beer. Cheers!