Meet the Brewer Tour

March’s Meet the Brewer Tour will be led by Jason Webb and Aaron Gillham of Portland U-Brew & Pub where the tour will begin. After a tour of the facility and beer sampling the next stop is The Commons Brewery, opening especially for this Brewvana tour. Following a special VIP tasting the tour visits The BeerMongers, a bar and bottle shop, for more beer along with food from Taqueria Los Gorditos. The final stop of the tour will be Coalition Brewing for more beer sampling and fun. Tour is all-inclusive of transportation, all food and beer, facility tours, pretzel necklace, tasting journal and Pilsner glass. Tour is 21+ with valid ID. To register visit or call 503-729-6804. Cost: $85/person.

Event Details

Date: March 10, 2013
Event Type: Tastings
Contact: Brewvana

Event Location

Portland U-Brew, The Commons Brewery, The BeerMongers and Coalition Brewing
Portland, OR