UnValentine’s Day: A Beer Pairing Feast of Indifference & Non-Commitment

Valentine’s Day is about two things: love and commitment. We will be celebrating the opposite of those two things for our UnValentine’s Day with a feast of indifference that forces you to not commit to anything or anyone except a love of craft beer. This Valentine’s Day, join the Brewery Incubator’s League of Extraordinary Brewers for UnValentine’s and craft beer!

Here’s how it works:

Tables for four will be set up for you to spend up to 30 minutes drinking great beer and enjoying delicious beer pairing (and often beer infused) bites with a set beer theme with great company. After 30 minutes, you will be forced to move to another table with four different people, a totally different style of beer and a completely different style of food.

Don’t like the people at your table? Who cares. You are indifferent and do not have to commit to them. Don’t like sours or Thai food? Who cares! You are indifferent and in 30 minutes you might be enjoying Belgian food and brews.

Yes, the food and the beer will be awesome!

Yes, there will be League of Extraordinary Brewers’ beer for you to try and awesome rare beers.

No, you will not get to know the menu in advance. Each theme is a secret!

Yes, you will need a reservation. We can’t organize this without knowing how many people   are coming, so make sure you get your ticket because sales will stop on the morning of February 14 at 11 am sharp!


Things to note:

1. This is the most creative event that will take place on February 14. If you are somewhere else, that means you are a sucker and should re-evaluate your relationship.
2. This is *not* about dating, for singles, or in any way geared towards finding a hook-up. We love how beer brings people together and by all means, take someone home and enjoy. But that is not what this is about. We encourage couples to come and celebrate this day in a different way! No roses. No bullshit. What is a better way to celebrate love than having fun with good friends and good beer?
3. We will enforce the rules. You have to move when we tell you to. If you don’t abide by the rules we will confiscate your tasting glass and then make fun of you in front of everyone. Or maybe just make fun of you and let you keep drinking, depends how much we like you.

One more very important thing to note: If you bring a bottle to share with the table of your choice, we will give you a special UnValentine comparable in awesomeness to the beer that you have brought. So show us your beer at the door when you check-in for your UnValentine! UnValentine’s will be cool little presents with an “I Love Brew” Platypus and Pterodactyl card for you to give to that special someone, or keep for yourself, because screw them.

Event Details

Date: February 14, 2013 - February 15, 2013
Event Type: Festival
Contact: Lucrece Borrego

Event Location

United States
907 Franklin St. Suite 150
houston, TX 77002