Trinity Brewing Company

By Jason Yester, Head Brewer

Brewing has always been surprisingly natural for me. I was raised in a caring family by a father who was a biology teacher and a mother with an ongoing involvement in art. Brewing is a perfect mix of both of these worlds and I’m lucky to have found it.

It can be said that I got my career start in college. I was fortunate enough to have a refrigerator while at college that coincidently poured draught beer from a magical faucet. My two roommates also happened to be quite the beer lovers and looking back on those years, I got a lot of studying done—in liquid research. I brewed my first homebrew in my kitchen and fermented it in my closet. From that point on, beer became my main focus. This included several course projects involving beer/breweries and a thesis researching microbes found in bottles of microbrewed ale. During college, I was hired by Bristol Brewing Company where I spent ten of the better years of my life.

My partner, Todd Walton, and I met through our passion for beer. During my ten years with Bristol Brewing, he started a small tap house in Manitou Springs named Kin Folks. One thing that we had in common was very apparent; we both love the world’s best beers! With that as our inspiration, we founded Trinity Brewing Company in 2008 with a “Triple P” approach toward business: People, Planet and Profit. In that order.

As it’s still so fresh in my mind and central to our brewery, I need to mention our build out. We take very seriously the impact not only our running brewery makes on our earth, but also the steps it took to build. During construction, we salvaged two barns, all of the windows along the brew house, all of our equipment (including five sour oak barrels) and my favorite of all, our bar top. We made our entire bar top from bottles of beer we drank while working through the construction phase. If you search through the labels in the bar top, it’ll make sense pretty quickly why it’s my favorite piece in our pub. Beyond recycled materials, we’ve also installed waterless urinals and a skylight to further reduce our impact.

The beers I brew at Trinity are focused on a challenge I commit myself to. I strive to create beers that are artistically provocative for a fellow brewer while at the same time very drinkable for a friendly pub goer. That can be a hard line to walk at times, specifically when we brew our Farmhouse Saison. In an effort to revive the true life of the rural Belgian style, we completely change the recipe every time we brew it. Being an American brewer, my beers will always be inspired, but will also always demonstrate my opinion. Cheers!

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