Upslope Brewing Company

By Matt Cutter

“Whatever You Need…”

How does anyone really become a craft brewer? There are quicker and easier ways to make a buck. There are less risky ventures to pursue. I look to my peers and see a common thread. I see it in the eyes of craft beer enthusiasts who look to the the small, the local, the community-oriented business. It’s about “the craft”.

A while ago, when I started homebrewing, I learned the process, the ingredients, the temperatures, and how to really screw up a batch of beer. How did I end up with a stuck fermentation? Over the years, it became a craft. I realized this upon bringing a bomber of homebrew to a holiday party. “You brewed this?!” was the response. It was about sharing what I had made by hand. Could this become a way of life? From there it became a business plan, and a serendipitous meeting with a fellow brewer, and financing, and a space, and a whole lot of things that fell into place as a result of having a determined point out in space that would lead us to where we were supposed to go.

I had no idea about the brotherhood that existed within the craft beer industry before entering it. “Friends first and competitors second” is an accurate quote that I recently heard. Together, we are all just trying to educate beer drinkers about “the craft”. Oskar Blues was the first to offer help with problems on minimum order quantities and leaky seams on cans. New Belgium extended their “whatever you need” policy. Avery Brewing‘s camaraderie emerged with solid advice, killer tours and “don’t bring money, just bring beer” keg washing services. When a fellow brewer asks, “how can I help?” I can assure you that this is not lip service.

Boulder, Colorado is a pretty unique place. One of the driving forces behind this is its sense of community and support of local business. Some of our customers are these local businesses, and they ask how things are going, hopeful that the response is about another local business doing well and putting another jewel in the city’s crown. They support us, and we support them…whatever you need.

Before industrialization, everything to some degree was crafted, and made by skill with the hands. In our world today, it’s an anomaly to experience something that’s been crafted. Let’s hope it’s a trend.

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