Declaration of Beer Independence


Declaration of Beer IndependenceAkin to the ideals of American Craft Beer Week (May 14-20), the Declaration of Beer Independence is a rally cry for any beer drinker that favors choice and flavor, and who recognizes the tremendous impact that the country’s small and independent brewers have on their local communities, and America as a whole. Make your mark on this Declaration by sharing it with others, and toast to the small businesses and craft beers that have changed the course of American history.

Here are a few ideas on how to share the Declaration during American Craft Beer Week:

  • Bring a copy of the Declaration to an ACBW celebration for guests to share/sign.
  • Provide a copy to the owner/manager of a local retailer who doesn’t currently sell craft beer to show your support for the products of America’s breweries.
  • Share the Declaration with 20 people. By signing the Declaration, you are supporting today’s craft brewers and proving your support of something much bigger than just the craft beer in your glass.

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