Beer-Enthusiast Social Network UNTAPPD Now Open to Breweries

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Los Angeles / New York – January 18, 2012 – Untappd, the mobile-based social network for beer enthusiasts, today announced the launch of “brewery claiming”, which will give beer-making businesses a way to connect with beer-loving communities across the globe. Once connected, breweries will be able to communicate directly with consumers, and gain far greater insight into customer preferences. Claiming a brewery is free, and can be set up at

Untappd is fun, mobile-based social network for beer enthusiasts that allows users to “check in” the beer they are enjoying, add the location of where they are enjoying it via Foursquare, upload photos, and share all the information with their network of beer-loving friends. Users can find beer recommendations based on their check-in history, as well as unlock “badges” for trying certain beers, drinking at certain times, or trying certain establishments. Friends can comment on beers, toast each other and communicate directly about the beers they like. Launched just over a year ago, Untappd now has over 100,000 registered users, 150,000+ uploaded photos and over 4 million check-ins.

In its latest move, Untappd is enabling breweries to officially claim their brands, a feature which is already in use by MillerCoors, The Boston Beer Company, Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales, Great Divide Brewing and Firestone Walker Brewing Company. Claiming a brewery will open up the door for direct-to-consumer communications between any beer maker and its highly engaged and focused network of beer enthusiasts. By doing so, it will enable breweries to build a social voice around their brands; and will provide breweries with direct access to consumer insights instead than relying on distributors to provide them with consumer data.

“We’ve seen phenomenal growth in the past year, and have really enjoyed watching how beer enthusiasts interact,” said Tim Mather, CEO of Untappd. “In the course of that growth, we’ve learned a valuable lesson – our users are passionate about the beers they drink, which means they don’t just want to connect with each other, they want to connect with the brew masters and breweries. With brewery claiming, now they can. This benefits the breweries as well, as they now have a vehicle for connecting directly with passionate consumers, and gaining greater insight into their products.”

Any brewery can claim their page for free. Once they do, they will immediately enjoy the following features:

Brewery Insights – Real-time “check-ins” allow breweries to instantly understand which of its beers are most popular and where the most popular venues are, which will ultimately help breweries make smarter marketing and distribution decisions for all their beers.

Beer Management – In Untappd, information on beers is essentially crowd sourced. Users can add any beer data that they want. The Beer Management tool will enable breweries to directly edit, merge and remove beers that are listed in their portfolio, which will keep the data on beers far more up-to-date and accurate.

User Conversations – Once a brewery sets up its account, beer drinkers will be able to follow this brewery. Once followed, breweries will be able to comment on and toast user check-ins, opening the door for direct-to-consumer communications with a passionate and age-appropriate audience.
Brewery URLs – Breweries will be able to set up their specific brewery URL, such This will reinforce a brewery’s brand and facilitate easier communications between breweries and their customers.

Claiming a brewery is free to all breweries and can be set up by visiting

For more information, visit or contact

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Founded in October of 2010, Untappd makes use of the latest mobile, social and gamification technologies to deliver a fun way for beer lovers to connect. The social network for beer enthusiasts now has over 100,000 registered users, 150,000+ uploaded photos, and over 4 million check-ins from the around the world. To join the fun, visit

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