Introducing Dock Street 2011 Bottle Releases

By Dock Street Beer

Dock Street Limited Release Bottle Party
Flemish Sour ‘11, Barrel Aged Prince Myshkin ‘10, Barrel Aged Barley Wine ’09 &
2011 Munique Logo Glass
It’s that time of year for Dock Street Brewery’s limited bottle release. This year we have a variety of specialty brews. This calls for celebration! Come to Dock Street on November 22nd and expect great food, great beer, great music and smiling faces as we release 750 ml bottles of ourBarleywine Style Ale from 2009, 2010 Barrel Aged Prince Myshkin Russian Imperial Stout, and, most exciting of all, Dock Street Flemish Red Sour Ale. A small quantity of gold logo Munique glasses are on sale for the first time as well. All of this excitement makes us want to sing, so we invited the epic-folky talents of On the Water to perform at 9pm.
About the beers. Dock Street Barleywine Style Ale 2009 Vintage was brewed with the best of both American and English traditions. It was hopped in the kettle with copious amounts of Brewer’s Gold and English East Kent Golding hops, to a bracing 76 IBU’s. Its massive maltiness and tremendous bitterness are partnered with the burn from 10.5% ABV. All of these intense characteristics are married through extended aging at cellar temperatures, 10 months of aging in oak Pinot Noir barrels and an additional 24 months of cellaring in the bottle. The result is a sensual synthesis of the worlds of beer, oak, and wine.
Last year we released Barrel Aged Prince Myshkin Russian Imperial Stout. We reserved a handful of bottles and let them quietly age in our cellars. Dock Street’s Prince Myshkin Russian Imperial Stout is brewed with a huge amount of malt and a large percentage of dark roasted barley to give it that signature midnight black appearance, caramel colored head, and massive body. This batch was aged in Hungarian Pinot Noir barrels for 11 months before bottle aging in our cellars for 12 months. The barrels imparted wonderfully delicate notes of vanilla, coconut, and mocha to the flavor and aroma.
If you came out for our 4th Anniversary Celebration in August you were lucky to experience a taste of this year’s release: Dock Street Flemish Red Sour Ale. This extraordinary ale spent 2 ½ years aging in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels. Funky, interesting and pleasing to the senses, this is the pride of the pack. Quantity is very limited, only 150 bottles to sell. First come, first serve
All beers are available in a Holiday Gift Set of any combination of bottles and/or the Munique logo glass. While supplies last. Prices vary.
Bring in the holiday season with us on November 22nd and get your hands on a perfect holiday gift. And hey, if you end up ‘gifting’ it to yourself, we’re not judging.


About the band. On the Water is the rootsy, weird answer to Fletcher VanVliet’s other musical arm Da Comrade. They put it best themselves: a folk collective of oddballs, loons and hooligans via West Philadelphia. This band of musical misfits stomps, shouts and hollers with fervent obsession yet brings you moments as delicate and tense as a silken web. Sneak a listen of OTW’s recent and first full band EP release “Anchor” at

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