Mayan Maybe? – Brewed for the Apocalypse, or Not

By Shawna Lagnado

It’s the party to end all parties. Great Basin Brewing Company, in conjunction with the Mayan calendar, has scheduled an End of the World extravaganza to celebrate life on earth thus far. Festivities will take place on December 21, 2012 at the Sparks, Nevada brewery.

 What to drink when the world is ending? Great Basin has released its signature apocalypse brew—Mayan Maybe?—available on tap and in limited edition bottles at all three brewery locations, as well as select retail stores throughout northern Nevada. A brew with enough gusto and integrity to satisfy even the most advanced civilization, Mayan Maybe? is an old style ale featuring chocolate, vanilla, chile peppers, corn and honey—all of which were used and cultivated by the Mayans—and smoked malts, an ancient symbol of cosmic uncertainty.

The fact is, the world, as we know it, may or may not end. Luckily, at 10% A.B.V., this special edition brew is tough enough to brace you for whatever Armageddon throws your way.

“Who’s to say what will happen come December 21st,” said Tom Young, owner of Great Basin Brewing Company. “All we know is that we don’t know, and that the last beer we might ever drink better be a damn good one.”

End of the World Party

December 21, 2012 @ the Sparks Brewery 

Mayan Maybe? Old Style Ale

Available On Tap @ All 3 Brewery Locations

Limited Edition 4-Packs — Available @ All 3 Brewery Locations & Select Retail Stores in Northern Nevada

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Company: Great Basin Brewing Company
Contact: Don Darue