Smoky Mary Returns as NOLA Brewing Company’s Fall Seasonal Ale

By NOLA Brewing Company

NEW ORLEANS, LA –  NOLA Brewing Company’s returning Fall seasonal ale, Smoky Mary, hit local bars and pubs this week. Making its second annual release, Smoky Mary  is part of NOLA Brewing’s seasonal set of offerings, an effort by the brewery to continually refresh their beer line by offering seasonal brews in addition to their year-round brews. As it is a seasonal, Smoky Mary will only be available for the next 3 months.

“Smoky Mary has been stopping people in their tracks since we first released the beer last year,” says Kirk Coco, founder of NOLA Brewing Company. “It has a smoky-sweet aroma, a light head, and finishing notes that taste of smoky BBQ and sweet malts. Not too hoppy at all, Smoky Mary is perfect for Fall.”

Named for the steam engine that ran on the second oldest railroad in the United States, Smoky Mary clocks in at 5.3% alcohol by volume and is NOLA Brewing’s take on a German Rauchbier, or Smoke Ale. Instead of using Beechwood, though, NOLA Brewing smokes their Munich malt, one of many in the beer, with local Pecan Wood for about 2 hours.  The brewery uses an in-house smoker, constructed specifically for this effort, to cold smoke the malt. The ale is a rich malt, built with a slightly smoky finish and pairs perfectly with smoked meats, such as pulled pork, BBQ beef, and smoked chicken.

Smoky Mary will be available in cities throughout Louisiana, Alabama and the Florida pan handle at local bars and pubs.

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Founded in 2008 by Kirk Coco, NOLA (New Orleans Lager & Ale) Brewing Company creates beer for introductory craft beer drinkers and experienced craft beer lovers alike. The company’s passion for high-quality, craft beers that they themselves want to drink translates into great-tasting beers, made from premium malts and hops, and brewed with over 30 years of experience. Committed to bringing the history and tradition of craft beer back to New Orleans, NOLA Brewing Company creates a cultural experience with each new pour.

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