Triple Voodoo Brewing Grand Cru now available in 22oz bottles!

By Greg Kitchen

Triple Voodoo Brewing Grand Cru was originally released in draft only as part of San Francisco and Sacramento Beer Weeks.  We received an overwhelmingly positive response to this offering and decided that we needed to release it in bottles!

Grand Cru was created as a very special offering.  Brewed with Belgian style characteristics but given another dimension with honey and blue agave nectar.  Spiced nicely with Coriander and Orange Peel to impart an amazing experience in flavor.  The blue agave nectar provides a sweet but oak/bourbon cask style taste and finish.  Traditional Belgian style hops are added to help balance the sweetness and enhance the complex flavors.  Hints of banana, plum, and clove will also join forces in the aroma bouquet.  Alcohol level is deceptively smooth at 9%.

Keep an eye out for 22oz bottles of Grand Cru hitting stores all around California!

Contact Info

Company: Triple Voodoo Brewing
Contact: Greg Kitchen