Bison Brewing Releases Honey Basil Ale Year Round!!!

By ashley v routson

Bison’s Honey Basil is back — and this time, for good!! Bison is extremely excited to announce that we have turned one of our most popular and award winning seasonal beers into a year round offering!

This Bison classic is infused with organic clover honey and fresh, whole leaf organic basil, lending a floral and slightly herbal aroma, with a hint of sweetness and a mild basil after taste. Golden amber in color with a light body, moderately alcohol level and dry finish, this artisanal ale is very refreshing and perfect for any time of the year. Super tasty on its own, Bison’s Honey Basil also make an excellent match for a variety of foods.

Suggested food pairings include: pasta, pizza, Thai food, curries, fresh cheeses (mozzarella, allouette, goat cheese etc...), pesto, tomatoes, sushi, ceviche, steamed mussels, Asian stir-fries, shrimp scampi, and salads.

In our (not so humble) opinion, our Honey Basil Ale is ULTRA delicious. But don’t just take our word for it, check out what some trusted members of the craft beer blogging community have said about it:

“Bottom line, it’s a darn good beer. I could drink it for any number of occasions but the basil notes kept reminding me of Italian food. I’d love to pair this beer with a nice pasta dinner. Plus Bison’s Honey Basil Beer is organic which, in addition to the alcohol, makes me feel all warm and bubbly inside.” ~ Kevin Luby,

“It is a beer with a strong amber malt backbone, hints of honey and a floral, herbal aroma from the basil… It seemed only natural then to raid the local farmer’s market looking for fresh, organic produce to go with this organic beer.” ~ Jesse Friedman, Beer and Nosh

“Damn, how do you guys make a beer that’s so subtle & balanced, yet so exciting & refreshing? I love Honey Basil ale, pop some on a plane please!” ~Melissa Cole, Girls Guide to Beer

Bison’s Honey Basil Ale is available in 4-packs as well as on draft. Please contact for more information on buying or selling Bison Brewing’s organic beers!

For more info and tasting notes, check out the Brewmaster’s Tasting Notes video below!!!

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