Cherry Voodoo Becomes Triple Voodoo Brewing, Debuts New Beers

By Pete Brey

Starting today, Cherry Voodoo is now Triple Voodoo Brewing.

Cherry Voodoo originally started as a Bay Area cooperative, paying homage to the music, ink and art scene. As our mission has evolved, our focus on making interesting, high-quality, craft beer has become our passion.

In the new name, “Triple” more accurately represents the vision of our founding partners and our three unwavering principles: a passion for creating the extraordinary, a desire to share those creations with the world, and an ultimate goal to help make the world a better a better place for everyone. “Voodoo” comes from our passion for conjuring magic in a glass, and our fascination with the mysterious and the misunderstood. Yuri Green, Triple Voodoo’s brew master, loves to bend the rules of chemistry to create amazing and unique styles, using what he calls “voodoo science.”

In addition to the name change, Triple Voodoo Brewing is also debuting “limited edition” batches of two new Triple Voodoo styles.  Triple Voodoo Vermilion is a red IPA brewed in homage to the all mighty Cherry Voodoo Gangster.  Vermilion is a hop forward red IPA with a very dry finish and a bit less alcohol than it’s inner city inspiration.  Triple Voodoo Whit Dream is the distant cousin to our very popular Tripel.  Whit Dream is a Belgian Witbier with added character in form of orange peel and coriander seeds.

You can find the new Triple Voodoo website at, on Twitter at, and on Facebook at

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