Firestone Walker XV Anniversary Ale


It’s safe to say the crew at Firestone Walker Brewing Co. knows how to celebrate an anniversary. Fifteen years is quite an accomplishment and the beer they created to celebrate this milestone is a worthy tribute. Firestone Walker XV Anniversary Ale is actually a blend of eight different beers. The brewery recuited the help of local Paso Robles winemakers, who participated in several blending sessions, to come up with the final combination.

Here’s a breakdown of the final beer, which will available for the first time at the Firestone Walker 15th Anniversary party on Saturday, November 5.

Excerpt of the Firestone Walker XV Blend Sheet

  1. Helldorado | Blonde Barley Wine | 11.7% abv | 18% of blend
  2. Sticky Monkey | English Barley WIne | 12.5% abv | 17% of blend
  3. Bravo | Imperial Brown Ale | 17% of blend | 13.5% abv
  4. Double Double Barrel Ale | Double Strength English Pale Ale | 11.5% abv | 13% of blend
  5. Good Foot | American Barley Wine | 14.3% abv | 11% of blend
  6. Velvet Merkin | Traditional Oatmeal Stout | 8.6% abv | 10% of blend 
  7. Parabola | Russian Imperial Oatmeal Stout | 13% abv | 9% of blend
  8. Double Jack | Double India Pale Ale | 9.5% abv | 5% of blend

Firestone Walker Deconstructed

Leading up to the release of Firestone Walker XV, the brewery kicked off LA Beer Week with an amazing dinner that celebrated each of the eight beers that were blended to make the final beer. Firestone Walker teamed up with the talented Sean Z. Paxton, The Homebrew Chef, to create an eight-course menu that shows there are no limits to the amazing things that craft beer can bring to the dinner table.

See the complete menu and more videos on both the dinner and the final Anniversary Ale at Firestone Walker.

XV Deconstructed, Part 1

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