Kimaya Technologies LLC releases a design and ergonomic inspired beverage holder aka BeerHugZ

By Shirish Vatkar September 22, 2012

 BeerHugZ is a completely new concept that combines science, design and helps millions of beer lover to enjoy there drink. Imagine holding the cold beer bottle or can in hand which often causes heat from your hand to get in the bottle thus warming the drink faster. BeerHugZ is the solution here with the thick plastic body you will always hold on the outside and no heat gets into the bottle or can. Plus there is foam inside the plastic that keeps the beer cold longer. 

 BeerHugZ has a very unique and ‘eye-catchy’ design that gets questioned for ‘why this design?’  Does it keep Beer Cold? Sure it does and the design is based on ergonomics of how most people would hold the bottle ; right at the top or at the base. The Hugz feature on BeerHugZ is simulating this characteristic holding positions. The length and width are designed around the average sizes for human fingers as held at an angle. The HugZ feature also has flexibility so that any of the standard beer bottles can be very well gripped. The opening around the design assist drinkers see level of beer ! 

 BeerHugZ is made in several colors so lot of choices to select from ! The colors help drinkers distinguish there own bottle or can. The base of this product is extremely stable and the logo BORN IN USA meaningfully tells the story of the products birth which is in OHIO, USA !

 As simple as the product function sounds, Kimaya Technologies has done a lot of research and design to develop a product that is unique and provide beer drinkers a way to add lot of style and luxurywithout discomfort  in drinking. 

 For those special events or occasions BeerHugZ can be printed with logos/designs ! Breweries can print there logos as well ! 

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Company: Kimaya Technologies
Contact: Shirish Vatkar