More Awards for Icicle Brewing Company, Leavenworth, WA

June 15th 2013: More awards for Icicle Brewing Company

Icicle Brewing Company has a strong showing in two major beer competitions, scoring a total of 4 Gold and 2 Bronze.

In their short time as a production brewery, 2 years to be exact, Icicle Brewing Company has been turning out consistently quality craft beer. Beyond their 5 Flagships and Full Rotation Series, Head Brewer Dean Priebe and Brewer James Wiley have been brewing an assortment of top-notch seasonals. Two of their Flagships, along with three seasonals, took home medals at the North American Beer Awards and the Washington Beer Awards.

-Lifeguard (Gold) North American Beer AwardsBiere De Garde

-Priebe Porter (Bronze) North American Beer AwardsRobust Porter


-Khaos Kolsch (Gold) Washington Beer Awards Hybrid Ale/Lager

- Bavarian Cowboy (Gold) Washington Beer AwardsStrong Lager

*Collaboration beer with Old Schoolhouse Brewery

-Real Snow (Gold) Washington Beer AwardsSpiced, Herb & Veg. Beer

-Priebe Porter (Bronze) Washington Beer AwardsRobust Porter

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Contact: Matt Bowen