New Cooking Channel Show Features Visit to Bayou Teche Brewing


Arnaudville’s Bayou Teche Brewing will be one of the showcased breweries in the new Cooking Channel Special, “Eat This, Drink That.” This section of the program will focus on two of the Bayou Teche Brewing’s beers, their passion fruit infused wheat beer Grenade (the Cajun French word for passion fruit and pronounced Gruh-nod), and their newest release, Biere Joi—Mello Dubbel—a Trappist-style beer that the brewers have infused with local favorite Mello Joy Coffee.

Says Bayou Teche’s Dorsey Knott, “We met noted authors and beer sommeliers, Hallie Beaune and Christina Perozzi during last year’s New Orleans on Tap beer festival. Well known as The Beer Chicks, we were excited when they introduced themselves at our brewery’s booth. We invited the duo out to our brewery for a tour and they showed up in Arnaudville the next day with a film crew from the Cooking Channel.”

The Beer Chicks are well known authorities in the craft beer community and their book, The Naked Pint is one of the standard reference books on craft beer. “Eat This, Drink That,” their new Cooking Channel show mixes their love of craft beer, with wine, mixed drinks, spirits, cocktails and everything food. The innovative show is a one-hour Cooking Channel special and the network’s website advertises that the Beer Chicks will travel the country visiting folks that are creating new rules for pairing food with drink.

Byron, one of the three Knott brothers behind Bayou Teche Brewing says that, “Hallie and Christina and the entire film crew showed up to our Arnaudville farm very early on a Sunday morning and our family had a large Cajun brunch laid out for them. The Beer Chicks and their crew were treated to live Cajun music and platters of boudin, smoked duck, home-made fresh goat cheese, beignets, grits, biscuits and a jelly made with Bayou Teche’s Grenade beer.

Continues Knott, “We introduced the crew from the Cooking Channel to some of the beer cocktails we created at our brewery. They enjoyed drinking several and filmed us mixing our LA-31 Pimm’s cup and also our Biere Mimosa—which after several takes The Beer Chicks renamed the Man-mosa.”

Said Bayou Teche’s brewmaster Karlos Knott, “After we finished with the brunch we showed the folks from the Cooking Channel how to make boudin, how to smoke a duck, and how to make beignets from scratch. They were very interested in trying a pairing of our new Mello Joy Coffee beer with hot from the fryer beignets—and putting those two together was decadently wonderful.

After brunch I walked with Hallie and Christina from our family’s outdoor kitchen to our still under construction new brewery. After showing them around, the three of us walked over to the old brewery and with my wife and fellow brewer Stephanie, our guests brewed a special batch of our passion fruit wheat beer. The ladies spiked it with extra passion fruit and hops.” Stephanie replied, “After brewing the beer with Christina and Hallie, their crew loaded up the cameras and lights, and what was left in the keg of our Biere Joi Mellow Joy Coffee beer.”

Dorsey says that the brewery was notified last week that the episode of Eat This, Drink That containing footage from the show’s Arnaudville filming premiered on March 4 at 8 pm EST and again at midnight. The one hour special will also be rebroadcast on March 9, 11, 17 and 18. Furthered Dorsey, “We enjoyed entertaining the film crew from the Cooking Channel and the Beer Chicks at our Arnaudville home. We are looking forward to their first episode.”

For more information contact Karlos Knott at (337)303-8000; 1106 Bushville Hwy, Arnaudville, LA 70512;

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