Victory Brewing Company Releases Line of Ice Cream


DOWNINGTOWN, PA—Now there’s more than one way to have a refreshing Victory Brewing Company treat on a hot summer night, thanks to Victory’s new packaged line of ice creams. Each flavor of the house-made ice cream starts with the wort of a particular Victory beer.

Wort, an unfermented and unhopped liquid, is drawn from the initial stages of the brewing process. It is a wholly-natural product made only from water and malted barley. Some of that wort goes on to become beer, and some goes to the Victory Brewpub kitchen where our chefs transform it into ice cream.

Interview with Matt Krueger, Victory Brewpub Manager, on Talk Philly

“I am incredibly proud that Victory Brewing Company is not just a brewery, but a family-friendly destination as well.” Bill Covaleski, Brewmaster and President of Victory Brewing Company, said. “Now, we are thrilled to be able to offer intriguing, flavorful products that a larger audience can enjoy.”

Victory Ice CreamFlavors

  • Triple Monkey – a banana ice cream made with the wort from Golden Monkey, swirled with peanuts and caramel,
  • Hopped Up Devil – a cayenne and cinnamon ice cream made from HopDevil wort studded with chocolate-covered coffee beans
  • Storm King Crunch – chocolate ice cream made with the wort from Storm King Stout, with chocolate malted milk balls.

Victory ice cream has been served in our restaurant for eight years. But now, all of the ice creams are available in pint and quart-sized containers for carry-out from Victory’s retail shop. Pints retail for $4.24 plus tax, while quarts are $7.99 plus tax.

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