’s Great American Beer Bars 2013


With more than 2,500 operating breweries in the U.S., your options for places to enjoy craft beer continue to grow. As more and more beer-focused establishments stake claim on your palate, which set themselves apart from the rest?

Last year, asked for help to recognize the United States’ great craft beer bars—and boy did you! The response was insane, with more than 3,300 nominations and close to 30,000 votes.

In 2012, we recognized three national winners and three regional winners from five areas of the country. See the 2012 results in, “ Readers Select the Country’s Favorite Beer Bars.”

We’d like to ask you again, what is your favorite craft beer establishment (bar, tavern, restaurant, brewpub, etc.)? Nominate your bar and tell us why it’s so special by filling out the short survey below. Nominations will close at noon MDT on Monday, Aug. 19.

Update: Nominations have now closed,  vote for finalists here, and Help Us Choose’s Great American Beer Bars.