Pumpkin Beer Biscuits

  • Recipe TypeSide Dish
  • Prep Time10 minutes
  • Yield10 biscuits

The focus of the blog Budget Bytes is to provide inexpensive recipes and the cost analysis of cooking them. Beth shares this recipe for pumpkin beer biscuits which cost only $.30 a serving!


  • 3 cups buttermilk biscuit mix ($1.16)
  • 1 cup pumpkin beer ($1.33)
  • 1/4 cup pumpkin seeds ($.60) Grand Total: $3.03 ($.30 per serving)


  1. Preheat oven according to biscuit mix package. Prepare biscuit dough according to the directions on the biscuit mix package except replace the liquid portion with beer. The brand I bought called for 3 cups of biscuit mix and one cup of milk so I subbed the beer for the milk and followed the rest of the directions as written.
  2. After the dough is mixed, knead in 1/4 cup of pepitas. Roll out the dough on a floured surface and cut biscuits. I do not have a cookie or biscuit cutter so I used a small plastic cup (the plastic cups tend to have sharper edges than glass cups). When you have cut as many biscuits as you can out of the rolled piece of dough, simply ball it up and roll out again. Keep doing this until there is not enough dough left to make one more biscuit.
  3. Place the cut biscuits on a greased (or spray oiled) sheet pan and bake according to the package directions. My package said to bake for 11-13 minutes but I kept a watchful eye and they were golden brown at about 8 minutes! If you have an older oven, as I do, just beware that the internal oven temp may be different from what you set it to and you will need to keep a close eye on everything.
  4. Remove the biscuits from the oven and serve!

Balancing your budget and meeting all of your wants and needs is tough. If you haven't already calculated how much you spend on food every month (groceries, eating out and impulse snacks and drinks) you are probably in for an eye-opener. Next to rent or your mortgage, food is probably one of your largest bills. Fortunately, it is also the MOST malleable category in your budget! Join Beth and Budget Bytes for fun and inexpensive recipes and what it takes to make them.