Readers Choose Best Beer Bars in America

An impressive beer menu, a stellar atmosphere, and servers who know their stuff are all the makings of a great beer bar. With more than 7,000 small and independent breweries in the United States, great beer bars have played an important role in the growth of local breweries. We asked readers to tell us about their favorites to compile our 2019 Great American Beer Bars list.

Nearly 7,000 people responded to our survey. At least one-third of the bars featured this year are making their first-ever appearance on the annual list.

Below is the list of the winners. Use the above drop-down menu to browse for a specific state.

Methodology: readers were asked to nominate their favorite craft beer bar in their state and fill out a brief survey about what makes it so great including atmosphere, staff, beer selection and extraordinary events. Craft beer fans cast nearly 7,000 votes from December 2018 to early January 2019.

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Loosa Brews

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

  • Year Founded: 2014
  • Bottles/Cans: Hundreds
  • Draft: 63

Loosa Brews combines retail shopping and an on-premise bar atmosphere into a cozy living room-meets-arcade experience. You can enjoy a Druid City North Porter while playing old school arcade games, hang out in a pinball parlor or watch the sunset on Loosa’s beach themed patio. “We love the fact that Loosa is a friendly atmosphere that’s all things craft beer,” says co-owner Chad Smith. “We strive to keep a pulse in the craft community.”

Last year's winner: Old Town Beer Exchange

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Prospectors Historic Pizzeria & Alehouse

Denali Park, Alaska

  • Year Founded: 2010
  • Draft: 53

Enjoy one of 49 Alaskan and specialty craft beers along with a hand tossed, wood stone fired pizza surrounded by an extensive collection of historical photographs, maps and furs make for an unforgettable experience in Denali. Try a traditional favorite such as the McKinley Margarita or step outside the pizza box with Alaskan specialty toppings like elk, salmon, reindeer, and Alaskan king crab. Prospectors has been chosen multiple times for this recognition, a feat that is even more amazing given that they are only open four months of the year.

Last year's winner: Cafe Amsterdam

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Tap & Bottle

Tucson, Arizona

  • Year Founded: 2013
  • Bottles/Cans: 600
  • Draft: 21

Tap & Bottle was the first of its kind in Tucson in 2013 with a rotating tap list and large bottle shop. Now with a second location, Tap & Bottle continues to be a beacon for fun events and great craft beer in Arizona. Tap & Bottle was voted among the favorites of readers in 2018, too. Owner Rebecca Safford is elated by the back-to-back nod: “When you work hard to create a great place to enjoy beer, it sure feels good to have others notice and give us a shout out!”

Last year's winner: Tucson Hop Shop

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Little Rock Flying Saucer

Little Rock, Arkansas

  • Year Founded: 1998
  • Bottles/Cans: 170
  • Draft: 75

Beerknurds unite! With a passionate staff, Flying Saucer Little Rock makes sure that Arkansas beer fans are in good hands. The Flying Saucer’s Ghost Beer program puts the beer decisions in the hands of the locals. The program is a blind beer tasting of local beers. Patrons give them a score of one to five stars, and at the end of two weeks, the beer with the most votes wins a spot on the menu.

Last year's winner: Core Public House – Springdale

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CraZy Harry’s Bar

Winnetka, California

  • Year Founded: 2011
  • Bottles/Cans: 13
  • Draft: 18

CraZy Harry’s offers a variety of 18 draft beers to its neighborhood community. What sets CraZy Harry’s apart from other great beer bars in California? If you ask the bar’s owner who goes by “Z”, it’s: “The people! We have a tight-knit group of regulars that take care of each other and make the place so special. Everyone is there for everyone else and we all love great beer!”

Last year's winner: The Crafty Fox Ale House

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Denver, Colorado

  • Year Founded: 2010
  • Bottles/Cans: 120
  • Draft: 26

Freshcraft combines the virtues of quality and comfort. Founded on the idea that great beer paired with comfort food made from scratch is best served together, Freshcraft is run in the fashion of a neighborhood restaurant where everyone can feel welcome. That laid-back vibe combined with high-quality craft beers is something unique in Lower Downtown Denver (LoDo).

Last year's winner: Samples World Bistro

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Willimantic Brewing Company

Willimantic, Connecticut

  • Year Founded: 1997
  • Bottles/Cans: 30
  • Draft: 40 plus a rotating cask

The Willimantic Brewing Company, known to locals as Willibrew, is located in a 1909 U.S. Post Office. The brewery has also featured local beers since opening its doors in 1997. Combine those two things with award-winning house beers on tap, an extensive menu, and staff who are well versed in helping guests pick the perfect beer, you can see why Willimantic Brewing shows up on our list as often as it does.

Last year's winner: Willimantic Brewing Company

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Washington, D.C.

  • Year Founded: 2009
  • Bottles/Cans: 500
  • Draft: 50

An ambitious undertaking by any measure, ChurchKey was designed and developed to celebrate the full spectrum of beer styles, artisans, traditions, regions and flavor possibilities with an unrivaled combination of small-batch brands, three climate-controlled cellars, a deep selection of traditional glassware and a rare level of knowledge. Overseen by beer director/partner Greg Engert’s omnipresent and uncompromising eye, ChurchKey is an essential DC destination for beer lovers of every stripe.

Last year's winner: ChurchKey

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Henlopen City Oyster House

Rehoboth, Delaware

  • Year Founded: 2010
  • Bottles/Cans: 70
  • Draft: 8 +a beer engine

We’ve been doing this list long enough to know that what matters to readers doesn’t seem to be the sheer quantity of beers available at a given establishment. It’s the variety of what is offered that helps these Great American Beer Bars stand out. Case in point, Henlopen City Oyster House. “We cover all styles, from IPAs to Lichtenhainers, Gueze to Oud Bruin. Many rarities and large format bottles,” says partner Chris Bisaha. Plus, a beer engine for a cask and, oh yeah, amazingly fresh and delicious seafood. We expect to see Henlopen City on our list for years to come.

Last year's winner: Two Stones Pub

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Oil Well Craft Beer

Ave Maria, Florida

  • Year Founded: 2017
  • Bottles/Cans: 50+ styles
  • Draft: 20

The newly created town of Ave Maria, near Naples, is home to our Florida Great American Beer Bars recipient. Oil Well Craft Beer boasts 20 taps of local, unique and difficult to find beers which owner Matthew Williams says are always rotating. “Part of the draw for our customers is coming in to see what’s new on the menu that they may not have had before.”

Last year's winner: The Mighty

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Brick Store Pub

Decatur, Georgia

  • Year Founded: 1997
  • Bottles/Cans: 1000ish
  • Draft: 32

Waving the craft beer flag for now over 21 years, Brick Store, in Atlanta’s Decatur suburb, prides itself on being a true, salt-of-the-earth hub for the residents and beer seekers alike. Beer fans can expect an environment conducive to conversation, where pints are served properly and in the appropriate glassware, service is friendly and knowledgeable, and the food is made from scratch every day.

Last year's winner: The Porter Beer Bar

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Square Barrels

Honolulu, Hawaii

  • Year Founded: 2015
  • Bottles/Cans: 38
  • Draft: 24

Is there any pairing in this world better than a delicious burger with a truly amazing beer? At Square Barrels, the answer is, no – no there isn’t. The classic combination of a burger and a beer was the original concept for the four-year-old beer bar on the island of Oʻahu. Since then, Square Barrels has furthered its beer and food offering with beer dinners, but its focus has been primarily local beers from Hawaii that are certified as independent craft beers.

Last year's winner: Real: A Gastro Pub

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Bittercreek Alehouse

Boise, Idaho

  • Year Founded: 1995
  • Bottles/Cans: 400+
  • Draft: 41

Staff at the Boise, Idaho’s Bittercreek Alehouse describes it as “an Idaho-American beer bar that pairs good beer with thoughtful food, friendly service, and comfortable downtown Boise ambiance. Offering a variety of beers both local and international, Bittercreek Alehouse remains a must visit for beer lovers.”

Last year's winner: PreFunk Beer Bar

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The Brass Tap – Orland Park

Orland Park, Illinois

  • Year Founded: 2014
  • Bottles/Cans: 120
  • Draft: 60

The now back-to-back Great American Beer Bars nod for The Brass Tap in Orland Park has us wondering, what makes this place so special? GM Kerri Gatz replies, “I think what makes us stand out is that we always have something going on here. Whether it’s themed trivia, music bingo or specialty tappings with giveaways, our guests always know they can expect to be entertained in some way while drinking good beer.”

Last year's winner: Links Taproom

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Deer Park Irish Pub

Fort Wayne, Indiana

  • Year Founded: 1953
  • Bottles/Cans: More than 200
  • Draft: 13

Located near the University of St. Francis, the Deer Park Pub features a warm lodge-like atmosphere, friendly staff, and nearly 100 craft beers. According to owner Anthony Henry, “Deer Park is driven by the idea that a pub should be more than just a bar, but a place where people create memorable experiences. Ultimately, our real focus is on building community. We work to build a community of craft beer lovers within the bar.”

Last year's winner: Evil Czech Brewery & Public House

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The Keg Stand

West Des Moines, Iowa

  • Year Founded: 2010
  • Bottles/Cans: 57
  • Draft: 83

As far as we can tell, The Keg Stand in West Des Moines is a no-nonsense, for-the-love-beer type of bar. Readers repeatedly mentioned friendly, knowledgeable staff and a welcoming environment, not to mention one comment that said: “It has the best beer selection in the state hands down.” Okay, we get it. Order an Exile Brewing Ruthie, and don’t forget to say “Hi” to Terri.

Last year's winner: el Bait Shop

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The Anchor

Wichita, Kansas

  • Year Founded: 2004
  • Bottles/Cans: 175
  • Draft: 58

Following-up on its 2018 recognition, the Anchor reclaims its spot in our list. The Anchor is a woman-owned craft beer-centric neighborhood bar that has evolved with Wichita’s burgeoning downtown district. The Anchor’s brick building and tin ceiling remind customers of Wichita’s past, lending a nostalgic ambiance.

Last year's winner: Tallgrass Tap House

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Holy Grale

Louisville, Kentucky

  • Year Founded: 2010
  • Bottles/Cans: 78
  • Draft: 27

Housed inside an old Unitarian church built in 1905, Holy Grale, nowadays, is all about worshipping one thing: beer. Holy Grale has a rotating beer collection that celebrates its favorite beers from all over the world. When you visit, order a beer from a local favorite, Monnik Beer Company, or if you’re lucky, you’ll be around for traditional Kolsch service, a rarity in the US.

Last year's winner: White Squirrel Brewery

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Avenue Pub

New Orleans, Louisiana

  • Year Founded: 1987
  • Bottles/Cans: 200plus
  • Draft: 45 rotating taps

Avenue Pub is such a great beer bar, you may never want to leave. Luckily, the New Orleans institution is open 24 hours, so conceptionally you wouldn’t have to. Founded in 1987, the “old school pub” offers visitors an extensive selection of European specialties and American craft beer.

Last year's winner: The Avenue Pub

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Craft Brew Underground

Auburn, Maine

  • Year Founded: 2018
  • Bottles/Cans: 210+
  • Draft: 9

Located in the basement of a 120-year-old landmark building, Craft Brew Underground owner and GM Mike Williams says, “Pretension is left at the door, with friendly staff that love beer and the challenge of helping someone find a drink they like, even if they’re brand new to the craft beer game. Also home of the state of Maine’s only Prince-themed restroom.” Talk about burying the lead.

Last year's winner: Novare Res Bier Cafe

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Max’s Taphouse

Baltimore, Maryland

  • Year Founded: 1986
  • Bottles/Cans: 2,000+
  • Draft: 105 + 5 hand pumps

Max’s Taphouse is also known worldwide for its Belgian Beer Festival, which occurs annually on Presidents’ Day weekend, followed on Monday by their Sour Beer Festival. During the Belgian Beer Festival, every draft line is a different Belgian beer. Many of the Belgian brewers produce a special beer for the festival that is not available anywhere else in the U.S.

Last year's winner: Max’s Taphouse

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Armsby Abbey

Worcester, Massachusetts

  • Year Founded: 2008
  • Bottles/Cans: 60
  • Draft: 22

Armsby Abbey is a perennial favorite for Great American Beer Bars. Owner Alec Lopez credits his staff: “Our team works hard to provide the very best experience we can. Our beer list is meticulously curated showcasing the very best of what’s available to us. Every detail is managed from kegging dates and transport methods to texture and temperature to line cleanliness and glassware. Our goal is to provide the beer for every customer exactly as the brewer intended it.”

Last year's winner: Armsby Abbey

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Brown Iron Brewhouse

Washington Township, Michigan

  • Year Founded: 2015
  • Bottles/Cans: 5
  • Draft: 70

Styled after their twist on a modern German beer hall, Brown Iron Brewhouse is a multi-tap, beer-centric bar and smokehouse. Their focus is on fresh, high quality, scratch-made smokehouse cuisine that pairs with their passion for the American craft beer industry. Customers enjoy the outdoor beer garden with tables imported from Germany and the lively communal seating.

Last year's winner: Brown Iron Brewhouse

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Mankato Brewery

Mankato, Minnesota

Mankato Brewing, Minnesota
  • Year Founded: 2010
  • Bottles/Cans: 17
  • Draft: 12

Dedicated to producing consistent, high-quality beer and offering a welcoming space, Mankato started producing beers in 2012, becoming the first production brewery in the Key City since 1967. The crew at Mankato Brewery invites you to try their beer and experience local flavor.

Last year's winner: Mankato Brewery

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The Porter

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Bottles/Cans: 100+
  • Draft: 24

Nestled right in the heart of historic downtown Hattiesburg, the Porter brings a true public house experience to the state by offering house-made craft beer and American pub fare as well as a variety of specialty and classic craft beers from some of the region’s finest breweries. Since 2016, the Porter has been a downtown community hub for craft beer drinkers and is known for promoting the best beers Mississippi has to offer. You go to the Porter to drink Mississippi.

Last year's winner: The Porter

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Friendship Brewing

Wentzville, Missouri

  • Year Founded: 2015
  • Bottles/Cans: 10
  • Draft: 30

Started by a group of good friends to make good beer, Friendship Brewing is an eclectic historic building full of authentic brewery memorabilia dubbed a “Brewseum” by visitors. There’s a warm, inviting vibe — and the name says it all. You’ll also love the large outdoor patio/beer garden that is dog-friendly.

Last year's winner: Instant Karma Gourmet Hot Dogs

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Lewis & Clark Tap Room

Helena, Montana

  • Year Founded: 2002
  • Bottles/Cans: 12
  • Draft: 20

It’s been quite a year for Helena’s Lewis & Clark. After winning a bevy of awards for their hefeweizen and subsequently being named “Small Brewing Company of the Year” at the Great American Beer Festival, Lewis & Clark gets a nod from readers as a great place to enjoy beer, too. The Tap Room is a gathering place where everyone is welcome. They have a daily selection of 12 to 20 craft beers on tap and live music two to three nights a week and have hosted over 600 bands on their indoor and outdoor stages.

Last year's winner: The Dram Shop

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The Happy Raven

Lincoln, Nebraska

  • Year Founded: 2015
  • Bottles/Cans: 100+
  • Draft: 18

The Happy Raven sets itself apart through its extensive craft beer selection, but also through the welcoming, inclusive environment that the staff takes great care in cultivating. At the Raven, anyone can walk in for a beer and have a relaxing, enjoyable experience. “We nix the pressure and the elitism without sacrificing fun times or good beer,” says owner Matt Myers. “I’m so grateful for our customers, who show us all the work is worth it. My staff goes the extra mile on service, and it shows. I do my best to curate a well-rounded beer list”

Last year's winner: The Happy Raven

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Pinon Bottle Co.

Reno, Nevada

  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Bottles/Cans: 200ish
  • Draft: 36

Reno’s premier bottle shop and beer bar, Pinon Bottle Co. earns a spot on Great American Beer Bars with knowledgeable staff and an expansive draft selection. “We’re very happy that what we do resonates with so many people,” says owner Clinton Neuerburg. “We are part of a great community and love what we do.”

Last year's winner: Aces & Ales

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New Hampshire

New England’s Tap House Grille

Hookset, New Hampshire

  • Year Founded: 2012
  • Bottles/Cans: 12
  • Draft: 48

From a well-curated draft list to award-winning burgers and an elevated customer experience, Hooksett’s New England Tap House Grille offers a sophisticated take on American cuisine. Complete the New England experience and order a Litherman’s Limited Misguided Angel and the latest special from Chef Scott.

Last year's winner: Portsmouth Brewery

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New Jersey

Cloverleaf Tavern & Restaurant

Caldwell, New Jersey

  • Year Founded: 1933
  • Bottles/Cans: 100
  • Draft: 24

The Cloverleaf Tavern was established in 1933 as one of the first bars in New Jersey after Prohibition. The Ph.D. (Professor of hops and Drafts) consists of a 60 beer list. Fifteen new beers are introduced every season throughout the year. In the 11 years the program has existed, no beer has ever been repeated on this list, which gives beer lovers the opportunity to continue trying new beers and educating their palate.

Last year's winner: Cork City Ale House

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New Mexico

Rowley Farmhouse Ales

Santa Fe, New Mexico

  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Bottles/Cans: 25
  • Draft: 24

Celebrating back-to-back Great American Beer Bar nods from the state of New Mexico, Rowley Farmhouse Ales is a small independently-owned brewery and farm-to-table gastropub focused on brewing rustic farmhouse and sour ales. In addition to their beers, Rowley Farmhouse Ales has an extensive draft and bottle list of the best available beers from New Mexico and around the world.

Last year's winner: Rowley Farmhouse Ales

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New York

The Owl Farm

Brooklyn, New York

  • Year Founded: 2012
  • Draft: 28

The Owl Farm is located in Brooklyn’s historic Park Slope neighborhood. They feature 28 rapidly rotating draft lines, a large selection of rare bottled beers, and an extensive selection of rare beer and cider-based spirits. The Owl Farm is open every day of the year until 4 a.m., so stop by and say hello, and let the staff introduce you to something new and interesting!

Last year's winner: Copper City Brewing Co.

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North Carolina

Craft Centric Taproom & Bottle Shop

Arden, North Carolina

  • Year Founded: 2017
  • Bottles/Cans: 200
  • Draft: 29

Part taproom, part bottle shop, part nanobrewery, Craft Centric was founded on the principle of providing guests with the best craft beer experience available. Owner Matt Vaughan says, “We’re thrilled that folks dig our bar and recognize our quality draft and package selections. We constantly strive to have a balanced and exciting list of beers to choose from.”

Last year's winner: Craft Centric Taproom & Bottleshop

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North Dakota

JL Beers

Fargo, North Dakota

  • Year Founded: 2008
  • Bottles/Cans: 42
  • Draft: 33

JL Beers is locally owned and operated with a staff that is friendly and knowledgeable about craft beer. Pair a local favorite, Drekker Broken Rudder, with one of JL Beers’ burgers made with the freshest of ingredients and hand cut fries for an All-American classic combination.

Last year's winner: Wurst Bier Hall

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Bellefontaine, Ohio

  • Year Founded: 2015
  • Bottles/Cans: 50
  • Draft: 16

Few beer bars command the type of community support like Brewfontaine. Now enjoying its third straight year on the Great American Beer Bars list, the 16 tap beer bar shows few signs of fading in the eyes of Ohio beer fans. “We have the most amazing community and customers,” says owner Adam Rammel. “They have helped us win this reward for three years in a row and we couldn’t have done it without all of their support.”

Last year's winner: Brewfontaine

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Tulsa, Oklahoma

  • Year Founded:
  • Bottles/Cans: 100+
  • Draft: 50

This Tulsa beer bar was inspired by the great Dublin pubs that founder Elliot Nelson encountered while he was studying abroad in Ireland. The original McNellie’s opened in downtown Tulsa in 2004 and finds a spot on our list with a great selection of craft beers and exceptional service. Like those classic old pubs, McNellie’s is intended to be a comfortable gathering place for the community.

Last year's winner: Oak & Ore

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Portland, Oregon

  • Year Founded:
  • Bottles/Cans: 20
  • Draft: 20

Oregonians know their beer, so when readers selected Roscoe’s for their state’s Great American Beer Bar, it is important to take notice. A quick glance at the website, and you can tell Roscoe’s is all about beer – literally. It’s a live feed of their ever-changing beer board, listing popular beers from the likes of pFriem, Upright, Great Notion, Breakside, and many more. Photo Credit: The New School

Last year's winner: The BeerMongers

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Bulls Head Public House | Lititz, Pennsylvania

Lititz, Pennsylvania

  • Year Founded:
  • Bottles/Cans: 70
  • Draft: 17 readers have recognized the Bulls Head year in and year out as a destination with a great selection of keg, bottle and cask beers — but they also know they will be served by a highly knowledgeable and courteous staff. “Our staff not only help our guests in selecting beers but also create an atmosphere that makes the Bulls Head a true pub,” says owner Paul Pendyck. “It’s just a fantastic gathering place for the community.”

Last year's winner: Bulls Head Public House

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Puerto Rico

Taberna Boricua

San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • Year Founded: 2011
  • Bottles/Cans: 200+
  • Draft: 15

Taberna Boricua was the first beer garden established in Puerto Rico, and from Day One, they have been dedicated to the craft beer movement. “Back in 2011, they called us the ‘craft beer school bar,’ since craft beer was new to most of our customers. We started with only 35 beers. Today we have over 200 bottles or can and 15 taps,” explains owner Angel Villarini. “It’s an honor been part of the craft beer industry. It’s a dream come true.”

Last year's winner: Taberna Boricua

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Rhode Island

Norey’s Newport

Newport, Rhode Island

  • Year Founded: 2000
  • Bottles/Cans: 100+
  • Draft: 20 taps, 1 cask

Striving to provide world-class beer and food is what keeps Norey’s going. Among the most popular beers are Belgians and sours. Sours from OEC, a rarity on tap, are among the most popular New England beers served at Norey’s. Owner Tyler Cullen has some news: “Norey’s is now brewing in-house. Guest brewers from Rhode Island and beyond will be helping develop unique Norey’s beers. I am honored to be recognized as Rhode Island’s best beer bar for the third time and look forward to serving Norey’s house-brewed beers.”

Last year's winner: Norey’s

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South Carolina

The Craft Stand

Lancaster, South Carolina

  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Bottles/Cans: 350
  • Draft: 31

This marks back-to-back Great American Beer Bar nods for the Craft Stand. Located in the town of Lancaster, the Craft Stand offers 31 rotating beers on tap and a variety of events throughout the year. “It is an honor that our customers have recognized us two years in a row,” says co-owner Donald Geraghty. “We strive to have high-quality craft beer available every day!”

Last year's winner: The Craft Stand

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South Dakota

Independent Ale House

Rapid City, South Dakota

  • Year Founded: 2011
  • Bottles/Cans: 120
  • Draft: 40

Beer bar legend Justin Henrichsen likes to keep things simple. “Nothing goes together quite like pizza and beer, and we try not to disappoint. With 40 rotating taps, our customers never know if the beer they’re drinking one day will still be there the next. There’s always a surprise waiting to be tapped in our keg room.”

Last year's winner: Independent Ale House

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Hops and Hollers

Knoxville, Tennessee

  • Year Founded: 2014
  • Bottles/Cans: 125
  • Draft: 32

Hops and Hollers is a taproom that prides itself in serving beers from across Tennessee, a beer garden with yard games, bocce courts, fire pits, a ping pong table, plenty of puppies, live music, and an atmosphere where it seems everyone knows your name. Owner Todd Wakefield says of the recognition: “We have the best customers you can ask for. Being able to go back to back with this award in 2018 and 2019 speaks volumes to them and their support!”

Last year's winner: Hops and Hollers

Find more craft beer in Tennessee


Thistle DraftShop

Spring, Texas

  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Bottles/Cans: 200+
  • Draft: 60

Thistle DraftShop is an eclectic craft beer bar that features independent craft beer, craft food, wine, and local coffee. The space incorporates a large race track bar in the center, a large dining room, an intimate lounge and event space. “We are proud to be recognized by your readers as a beer bar that matters,” says owner Mary Thorn. “Here at Thistle DraftShop, we strive to stay true to the concept of craft beer by supporting the independent craft beer market, creating a flavorful menu full of surprises.”

Last year's winner: Imperial Taproom

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Beerhive Pub

Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Year Founded: 2009
  • Bottles/Cans: 200+
  • Draft: 24

Residing in one of the oldest buildings in Salt Lake City, built in 1872, Beerhive is an old-style saloon feel with an ice rail that runs the entire length of the bar to keep your beer cold. The most popular beer changes daily, but currently it’s TF Brewing’s Ferda IIPA in a 16 oz can. The bestselling draft is Latter Day Stout (LDS) on nitro from Desert Edge Brewing.

Last year's winner: Beerhive Pub

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Blackback Pub

Waterbury, Vermont

  • Year Founded: 2008
  • Bottles/Cans: 2
  • Draft: 30 + cask

Located in the epicenter of beer Waterbury, Vermont, Blackback Pub is located in the 1842 Historic 1 Stowe St building. This ground floor establishment has a small yet welcoming atmosphere with a lively crowd of devoted beer fans and foodies alike. Blackback celebrates the premier Vermont brewers as well as offering many of the world’s best beer on draft and cask.

Last year's winner: Whetstone Station

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Harry’s Alehouse

Fredericksburg, Virginia

  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Bottles/Cans: 55
  • Draft: 24

Back-to-back winner of Great American Beer Bars, Harry’s offers the best craft beer they can get their hands on. “We are very particular about what we allow on our taps,” says owner Douglas Welsh, “but we stay true to our call for excellence in the craft beer we serve. Our staff is enthusiastic and knowledgeable and leads our customers to beers that they love to try. Our food helps too!”

Last year's winner: Harry’s Alehouse

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Ben’s Bottle Shop

Vancouver, Washington

  • Year Founded: 2015
  • Bottles/Cans: 800
  • Draft: 24

Ben’s brings a unique approach to the art and science of beer, from our wide selection to the layout and design of the bar. Guests can purchase world class draft beer, as well as cider, sake, wine or mead for drinking in house or taking to their house. A full menu of great food offerings in a comfortable, laid back atmosphere with a super knowledgeable and friendly staff rounds out Ben’s offerings.

Last year's winner: North Jetty Brewing

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West Virginia

BAHNHOF WVrsthaus & Biergarten

Huntington, West Virginia

  • Year Founded: 2017
  • Bottles/Cans: 25
  • Draft: 33

Bahnhof was designed to resemble a German train station. From the tables to architecture, you may make connections to traveling abroad through one of Germany’s most famous means of transportation. While the focus is a modern approach to German cuisine, Bahnhof incorporates flavors that pair well with the beer program. If you are passing through the area of Huntington, West Virginia, it is a great stop for beer hounds and foodies.

Last year's winner: Summit Beer Station

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The Brass Tap – Greenfield

Greenfield, Wisconsin

  • Year Founded: 2015
  • Bottles/Cans: 140
  • Draft: 80

The Brass Tap offers over 200 craft beers from around the globe in a neighborhood atmosphere that feels both relaxed and upscale. Staff beer experts can answer just about any question you throw their way. You’ll also find daily specials, live music, and unique events each month.

Last year's winner: The Brass Tap – Greenfield

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Black Tooth Brewing Co.

Sheridan, Wyoming

  • Year Founded: 2010
  • Bottles/Cans: 6
  • Draft: 13

No stranger to accolades or the Great American Beer bars list, co-founder Travis Zeilstra and Black Tooth Brewing have garnered prestigious awards from multiple beer competitions, including the Great American Beer Festival. Great beer deserves a great taproom and general manager Jess Wood has that on lock by ensuring servers are well trained and confident in serving award-winning beers.

Last year's winner: Black Tooth Brewing Co.

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