Clayton’s Corner: SanTan Brewery Blog

By Kay Witkiewicz

SanTan Brewing Company
Chandler, Arizona
Blog: Clayton’s Corner

Is there any greater hedonistic pleasure than the combination of beer with food? Owner/brewmaster Anthony Canecchia and crew of SanTan Brewing Company in Chandler, Arizona, think not. SanTan has been refreshing the desert with their boldly named brews since 2007, and bringing pleasure to the palates of locals and visitors by pairing their beers with a full menu of specially tailored dishes. Although recognized as Arizona’s fastest growing brewery, SanTan is staying true to its roots with its family friendly, pub-like atmosphere featuring plenty of live music and weekly cask releases.

Informal but sophisticated is the best way to describe SanTan Brewing Company and their blog, Clayton’s Corner. Written by brewer Clayton Pasley, the blog is more like Pandora’s Box—exposing readers to a complete sensory understanding of why beer is great on its own and especially when paired with foods. Accessible and informative to both beer geek and the novice, Clayton teaches you not only how to taste beer, but also what beers to pair with particular dishes, like barbeque. Clayton’s Corner provides tasty intellectual morsels that will help your brain make sense of what your taste buds are already telling you: beer and food is a match made in culinary heaven.