RIP Brooklyn Monster Ale

By Andy Sparhawk

Not everything in the world of craft beer is Sunshine Wheat and barley pops. The harsh inevitability of life tends to find its way into the best of craft beery times. Case in point, we first told you about Brooklyn Brewery’s famed brewery cat, Monster in 2012 with “A Life Well Spent: Monster the Brooklyn Brewery Cat.” The silver lining of this story was that mourners of Brooklyn’s favorite feline friend could still toast the good name of Monster with the aptly named Monster Ale, a barley wine.

Unfortunately it seems that all good things do come to an end as Brooklyn reported that they will no longer be brewing their winter seasonal. “After the passing of Monster the cat, things were just not the same with Monster Ale,” said the brewery’s blog post, “When Monster was laid to rest, the spirituous, malty libation could be seen aimlessly meandering through the fermentation hall, lazing about the brewhouse, and listlessly watching bottles fill up with beer in the packaging room, giving the sense to those close with this classic winter seasonal that perhaps the end was near.”

The brewery has hinted that there may be a replacement to Monster (the beer) in the future. Brooklyn ensures fans that while the beer is no longer in production, Monster Ale’s 10.3% ABV makes it possible to toast Monster, both the beer and the brewery pal for potentially years into the future.

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