Tin Man Gets Back to the Nuts and Bolts of Craft Beer

By Kirby Bennett

Sean O’Rear, Head Brewer of the newly opened Tin Man Brewing Company in Evansville, Ind., takes some time to explain the thoughts and concepts that went into creating the brewery in recent news post, “The Story of Tin Man’s Beers.”

O’Rear says  “…I have noticed that recently there seems to be an unbalance in the consumption of beers in the craft industry. People are going out of their way to get the biggest, hoppiest, booziest bombs they can get their hands on—with almost no regard for the tradition of beer.”

It is because of those ideas that he brewed Tin Man’s first series of beers, which he endears the “Converter Series,” which were brewed paying strict attention to style guidelines “specifically to teach people who don’t know beer about what craft beer is.” The beers in this series are Circuit, a bohemian pilsner, Rivet, an Irish red ale, Alloy, an American IPA, 3 Gear, a robust porter, and Dry Cell, a nitrogenated Irish dry stout.

Operating in Indiana, one of the least green states in the U.S. today, Tin Man puts the environment first, most notably with their High Efficiency Brewing System (HEBS). The system uses a mash filter in place of a lauter tun, which uses 40 percent less water, 15-20 percent less natural gas and up to 10 percent less grain.

Tin Man also cans their beers, as Aluminum can be recycled indefinitely, and takes less energy produce and cool.

Up next for Tin Man, O’Rear plans to brew an “Apprentice Series” in which employees from Tin Man and their food vendor Gunslinger’s BBQ will be encouraged to dream up a beer and help brew it on the brewery’s test system.

He is also planning a “Master’s Series” which will include “bigger and more contemporary styles like wheatwines, imperial anything, and barrel-aged awesomeness.” The purpose behind these series is to have “a wide range of offerings to suit every palette…and be a place for everyone to enjoy a pint.”

Kirby BennettKirby Bennett’s love of craft beer started in 2002 when she was living in Amsterdam and discovered an amazing bottleshop called De Bierkoning. A long ways now from sipping La Trappe on the canals, she is currently the Craft Beer Program intern for the Brewers Association. She is a Cicerone® Certified Beer Server, holds a BA in English, dabbles in homebrewing, and makes a mean quinoa salad. She hopes to continue her career somewhere in the distribution world, then someday open a sustainable beer bar in whatever city she decides to settle in!