The Most Random Craft Beer Gifts Ever

The Most Random Craft Beer Gifts Ever

What do you get the craft beer enthusiast that has everything? Answer: everything else!

If you know someone who already has a closet full of brewery shirts, and can’t seem to cram another shaker pint in their cupboard, check out this list of brewery merch exclusively from the “miscellaneous” categories of your favorite small and independent craft brewers.

These gifts are sure to be a hit at your next holiday party, and most are priced within your predetermined White Elephant or Yankee Swap range.

backforty2Back Forty Beer Co. | Gadsden, AL

Freckle Belly IPA Pillowcase | $22

Pillows used to be stuffed with hops to help people fall asleep. Remember IPA pillows and race car beds don’t mix—especially if you don’t want to sleep alone.

baxterBaxter Brewing Co. | Lewiston, ME

“Slap n Wrap” Around Koozie | $5

It’s like a 90s slap bracelet for your Stowaway IPA!

BellsBell’s Brewery, Inc. | Kalamazoo, MI

Oberon Ice Scraper | $3

Winters in Michigan are oppressively cold, but nothing warms your heart like the promise that the sun will return and Oberon is just a few months away. And, it’s on sale too!Bells2

Two Hearted Fishing Lure | $8

Biologists at Bell’s have found that fish are just as likely to chase after Two Hearted as you are.

hogwashFullsteam Brewery | Durham, NC

Hickory-Smoked Hogwash Shirt | $20

Damn! You got me. I said no shirts, but this one is hickory-smoked—100% different! Probably won’t want to put this one in the closet with the other shirts, unless you want your entire wardrobe to be hickory-smoked.

LakefrontLakefront Brewery | Milwaukee, WI

Inflatable Wheat Monkey | $5

“Craft beer is far more enjoyable when you have someone to share it with.” – Abraham Lincoln

Alright, maybe he didn’t say that, but who wouldn’t want to share a beer with this little guy!

BurnsideOlde Burnside Brewing | East Hartford, CT

Olde Burnside Logo Sword | $150

Hey, who doesn’t need a sword? “Comes complete with leather scabbard.” I have no clue what that is, probably like a holster? I’ll take it!

sprecherSprecher Brewery | Milwaukee, WI

Bungs! | $1

Exactly what every beer fan needs to stuff their stocking. Sprecher describes below why these little bungs are quickly becoming extinct:

“Own a piece of brewing history. Wooden bungs were once used to seal the fill (bung) hole on Hoff-Stevens kegs. Now as more breweries (including Sprecher) switch to Sankey-style kegs, the bung is becoming a thing of the past. The bungs for sale here are unused stock and represent the last bungs that will ever leave Sprecher Brewing Co.”

sweetwaterSweetwater Brewing Co. | Atlanta, GA

SweetWater ENO DoubleNest Hammock | $69.99

The perfect gift for my office (hint, hint!)