Celebrate Mom with Craft Beer

By Anne-Fitten Glenn

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and the pressure is on. How can you celebrate the woman who birthed you, raised you, and has spent most of her adult life worrying about you?

With craft beer, of course.

I’m biased, because superb brew is what this mom really wants for Mother’s Day. That, and, as Grandpa used to say: “Peace and quiet. Love and affection. And just a little cooperation.” Is beer, plus all that, too much to ask for? There is the small problem that my kids aren’t old enough to purchase alcoholic beverages. They’re also at the age where peace and quiet for more than 30 seconds at a time can be challenging.

However, you dads, partners, and children who can legally purchase adult beverages should give craft beer to mom for Mother’s Day.

Why Craft Beer Makes an Excellent Mother’s Day Gift

  1. Craft beer is good for mom (in moderation). Believe it or not, beer’s one of the healthiest drinks out there for women. It contains vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. The phytoestrogens and silicon in beer help keep mom’s bones strong. Plus, beer is typically lower in calories than other alcohol-laden drinks.In fact, beer can keep mom svelte. A 2009 study done at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston found that females who drink one to two alcoholic drinks per day are 30 percent less likely to pack on the pounds over time than women who eschew alcohol entirely.

    A beer or two also can improve mom’s sex life. But you probably don’t want to think too much about that! So, moving on…

  2. Craft beer is affordable. You can drop $50 on a bouquet of roses for Mother’s Day, or you can buy a bunch of awesome beers for the same amount of cash. In fact, you can spend half that amount and still surprise mom with loads of sudsy goodness.Depending on your budget, I suggest you purchase one or two high-end bombers—perhaps from Rogue Ales or Dogfish Head—then add a couple local or regional 22-ounce seasonals. Round out the gift with some 12-ounce brews. A few canned beers, such as those from Avery Brewing Company or Oskar Blues, would add a nice touch. Or, you can pick out three or four bottles of the same style of beer from different breweries, so mom can do a little comparing and contrasting. Lots of breweries are rolling out Kölschs, Bocks, and Lagers for spring and summertime drinking.
  3. A little equilibrium enhancer goes a long way. Beer’s alcohol by volume—even in many high gravity brews—is typically lower than that of wine. And, it’s much less than that of a mixed drink (certain rare beers excluded). In other words, mom can enjoy a craft beer or two without tipping into tipsiness. Family gatherings, including Mother’s Day lunch, can benefit from some alcoholic equilibrium enhancers, here’s hoping beer will fill mom up before she segues into laying on the guilt trips.Hint: buy beers at room temperature. Then mom can store a few for later, plus it will take time for the ones she wants to drink right away to chill.
  4. Your mom will love you. I’m sure she already loves you, but when you show up with a basketful of carefully chosen handcrafted brews, she’s going to love you just a little bit more. If you’re feeling flush, add some beer-related swag to the gift, such as a logo glass or two from her favorite brewery, some soap made with hops, or a funky bottle
    opener.You can find beer, beer swag, and more at your nearest beer and wine specialty store. These businesses will ship directly to mom as well. If there’s no beer store near you (I’m so sorry), you can order your gift online from craftbeerclub.com or beeronthewall.com (which even offers customized beer labels. How about some “I Heart Mom” Belgian Stout?).
  5. Moms are sharers. If your mom is anything like me, she’ll want to pop open a couple of beers right after you deliver them to her doorstep. And, she might just share them with you. If you’re not near mom, she might be persuaded to save a few special brews until your next visit… maybe.
  6. Got a story about a beer or brewer that you can share with mom when you deliver that basket? You know she’ll love telling all her friends and neighbors that the beer that her grateful child gave her was brewed by a female brewer who climbed the testosterone-overloaded beer industry ladder to make that delicious chocolate-flavored Stout.

What, you’re a procrastinator and it’s Mother’s Day, and you live in one of those states where you can’t buy beer until noon on Sunday, if at all? If this is the case, here’s hoping your local brewpub offers brunch or lunch. A pint of Pilsner pairs beautifully with Eggs Benedict.

Remember, your mom most likely forswore beer for nine long months while she carted your fetal heiney around. Now’s your chance to repay her—with the best suds you can get your hands on. In other words, there’s no excuse for not giving mom craft beer on Mother’s Day.

Anne Fitten GlennAnne-Fitten Glenn has been writing about beer and the beer business since 2005, although she’s been drinking beer for a lot longer. She writes the “Brews News” for Asheville, N.C.’s newsweekly and frequent articles for CraftBeer.com. She also teaches Beer 101 Education classes to servers and the beer-loving public. She lives within walking distance of several of Asheville’s breweries. Find her talking about beer online under the nom de plume “Brewgasm.”