Update April 2012

By Russ Phillips

Russ Phillips of ( is back with the latest and greatest releases in canned craft beer. Looks like we’ve got a lot to be excited about in the upcoming season!

Recently Released Canned Beers

Bitter Brewer | review
Surly Brewing Co.
Brooklyn Center, MN
Released: April 2012
Style: “Not Really a British Bitter”
Notes: Surly spring seasonal has just hit shelves and with an ABV hovering just over 4 percent this is a great brew for summer. If you’re a Twins fan you’ll also be happy to know that Surly is serving up a new beer, Bandwagon IPA, available only at Target Field.

Mountain Livin’ Pale Ale | review
Crazy Mountain Brewing Co.Mountain Livin
Edwards, CO
Released: March 2012
Style: American Pale Ale
Notes: One of our favorite can designs out there, Crazy Mountain has just released this and their Lava Lake Wit in cans for the first time.

Deviant Dale’s IPA | review
Oskar Blues Brewery
Longmont, CO
Released: March 2012
Style: American IPA
Notes: Big, brash and chock full of hops. Oskar Blues’ first 16 oz. canned release is an ode to the almighty hop and a silver medal winner at last year’s GABF to boot!

East India Pale Ale | review
Brooklyn Brewery
Brooklyn, NY
Released: March 2012
Style: American IPA
Notes: Brooklyn has expanded their canned offering with this being their third canned release. Look for these bright orange cans on shelves now.

Shift review
New Belgium Brewing Co.Shift
Fort Collins, CO
Released: April 2012
Style: Pale Lager
Notes: New Belgium’s newest release and the first to grace the insides of a pint can. Look for this and pint cans of their Ranger and Fat Tire in 4-packs on shelves now.

Longboard Lager | review
Kona Brewing Co.
Kona, HI (brewed and canned in Seattle, WA)
Released: March 2012
Style: Amber Lager
Notes: Kona’s first can is filled with their flagship lager. Love the design on this can. Longboard Lager is a light, refreshing lager that will appeal to the masses.

Trebuchet | review
Brewery Vivant
Grand Rapids, MI
Released: April 2012
Style: Double IPA
Notes: Another of the brewery’s “Brewers Reserve” limited releases. They also release Zaison, an imperial saison brewed with black peppercorns and orange peel. Look for a few more limited release cans from these guys soon.

Black Thunder | review
Austin Beerworks
Austin, TX
Released: April 2012
Style: Schwarzbier
Notes: The brewery’s fourth canned release. Black Thunder comes in at 5.3% ABV and 45 IBUs and looks classy clad in a retro looking dark brown can.

West Sixth IPA | review
West Sixth Brewing
Lexington, KY
Released: March 2012
Style: American IPA
Notes: Kentucky’s first canned craft beer from the state’s newest brewery. West Sixth just started serving cans of their IPA in their taproom with out the door sales coming next week. Congrats to the crew at West Sixth for making things happen in the Bluegrass State.

8-Bit Pale Ale | review
Tallgrass Brewing Co.
Manhattan, KS
Released: March 2012
Style: American Pale Ale
Notes: One of the coolest can designs we’ve seen and certainly one that will stir some emotion with the Nintendo generation. 8-Bit Pale Ale is brewed with Australian Galaxy hops and is a fantastic version of the style. We love this beer.

Underdog Atlantic Lager | review
Flying Dog Brewing Co.Underdog
Frederick, MD
Released: April 2012
Style: Atlantic Lager
Notes: Flying Dog’s first canned release. This is a new beer that hasn’t been packaged before. Look for cans of Snake Dog IPA next.

UFO White | review
Harpoon Brewery
Boston, MA | Windsor, VT
Released: Summer 2012
Style: Belgian Witbier
Notes: After two summer of canned success with their IPA and Summer Beer, Harpoon is now releasing their UFO Hefeweizen in cans for the first time.

Celsius Summer Ale | review
Baxter Brewing Co.
Lewiston, ME
Released: May 2012
Style: American Pale Wheat Ale
Notes: Baxter first seasonal canned release. Celsius is brewed is an ale brewed with kaffir lime leaves, lemon and lime peel and lemongrass. Crack open a can with a  lobster roll this summer.

Blue Point White IPA review
Blue Point Brewing Co.
Patchogue, NY
Released: Summer 2012
Style: White IPA
Notes: Blue Point will be releasing cans for the first time and they’ve chosen to release a never before packaged “White IPA” in this format. Look for this and cans of their flagship Toasted Lager soon.

Wachusett Blueberry Ale | review
Wachusett Brewing Co.
Westminster, MA
Released: Summer 2012
Style: Fruit Beer
Notes: The first ever canned blueberry ale is coming soon. Wachusett has chosen their Blueberry Ale and their Green Monsta IPA for their first two canned releases. They’re also hoping to help other breweries in the region can their beers using their newly purchased, high-speed canning line.

Walloon | review
Southern Star Brewing Co.
Conroe, TX
Released: April 2012
Style: Belgian-style Grisette
Notes: The style, Grisette, is an obscure Belgian style that has similarities to both a witbier and a tripel.

Upslope Belgian Pale Ale | review
Upslope Brewing Co.
Boulder, CO
Released: May 2012
Style: Belgian Pale Ale
Notes: Upslope’s second limited release can will be their Belgian Pale Ale. While their Foreign Style Stout came in a jet-black can look for this one in an a star white can. Very cool. Looking forward to giving this one a try.

Quick Wit Belgianesque Ale | review
Fort George Brewery
Astoria, OR
Released: May 2012
Style: Belgian Wit
Notes: Quick Wit will be the brewery’s fifth tallboy can release. Nearby Astoria Brewing has just announced that they also plan to can some of their beers.

Boater Beer | review
Eddyline Brewing Co.
Buena Vista, CO
Released: May 2012
Style: Pilsner
Notes: Eddyline held a photo contest to find the perfect wave for the design of Boater Beer’s can. The second canned offering from the brewery will be an easy drinking light Pilsner-style beer.

Sobrehumano Palena’ole | review
Maui Brewing Co. | Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales
Lahaina, HI | Dexter, MI
Released: June 2012
Style: Red Ale
Notes: Maui’s first canned collaboration brew was done with Michigan’s Jolly Pumpkin. Brewed with liliko’i (passionfruit) and cherries, Sobrehumano Palena’ole will be canned by Maui and bottled by Jolly Pumpkin.