Celebrates One Year

By Julia Herz

Happy Birthday to!

Wow, it’s already here! is one year young as of December 1, 2010 and there’s so much more to do. This website currently has a short, but exciting history and we’re proud to have served hundreds of thousands—soon to be millions—of visitors fresh information on craft beer and U.S craft brewers. One year ago, the Brewers Association, the national non-profit trade association on behalf of U.S. breweries, set out to serve those just beginning their craft beer journey (beer beginners), beer enthusiasts, plus the evangelical and ever-knowledgeable beer geeks, who continue to fuel and further the craft beer revolution.

Sweet confirmation that we were on the right track came when was dubbed “The Best Beer Website” by Men’s Journal magazine in their October 2010 issue. Check out the article written by Christian DeBenedetti and Seth Fletcher.

Top Reader Polls of the Year:

MenWe aim to provide readers with interesting, informative and fun craft beer-centric content.  Our readers have enjoyed participating in the polls that are often included in the articles. If you have a burning question to pose to the audience, contact Andy Sparhawk.

  • Which beer event would you most like to attend someday? (514 Votes total)
    Great American Beer Festival (CO) – 32.68%
    Oktoberfest (Germany) – 28.6%
    Oregon Brewers Festival (OR) – 8.37%
    Dark Lord Day (IN) – 5  .84%
    SAVOR (DC) – 4.86%
    Extreme Beer Fest (MA) – 4.09%
    San Francisco Beer Week (CA) – 3.89%
    Great Taste of the Midwest (WI) – 3.89%
    Philly Beer Week (PA) – 3.31%
    Other – 4.47%
  • What is your favorite craft beer pairing with turkey? (446 total votes)
    Belgian Golden Strong – 31.61%
    Brown Ale – 27.58%
    Other – 17.26%
    Brown Porter – 12.33%
    Amber Lager – 11.21%
  • Beer and Pregnancy—Is Tasting in Moderation OK? (251 Votes total)
    Yes – 69.32%
    No – 10.36%,
    Only if the woman’s physician is involved in the decision – 20.32%

Take a gander at what craft brewers have to say about

“When folks who are just getting into craft beer ask me where to go to learn more, I point them to It’s a great portal into the world of better beer. You can use it to take baby steps toward beer and food pairings and find upcoming festivals in your part of the country or giant leaps toward commercial brewing and technical knowledge.”
Sam Calagione, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

“Wow! What a wealth of beer information available in one place. What to drink, how to drink it, what food to pair it with, where to enjoy—it’s all here. If this much information had been available when I was first learning about beer I’d likely have… Oh wait, was there an internet then?” John Cochran, Terrapin Beer

“We could have really used about 25 years ago when we started in this business!  The site is an encyclopedia for beer drinkers, a terrific resource for passionate beer lovers and for those just starting to venture into the world of craft beer.  It does a great job of telling the story of craft beer through brewery visits, industry statistics, and the musings of craft brewers themselves.” Rich Doyle, Harpoon Brewery

“I get many requests for information about

craft beer and craft brewing, I always refer them to the Brewers Association, and, it’s the best resource available.” Ken Grossman, Sierra Nevada Brewing

“I like the variety of cool stuff on  Just about anything I might be interested in, I look, and… bam, it’s there!” Greg Koch, Stone Brewing

“For the past year, has been an interactive resource for drinkers to peruse, be amused, and most importantly, learn about the art and science of craft beer.  Congratulations on a job well done and we look forward to many more years of enthusiastic craft beer information delivered in your inimitable way.” Jim Koch, Sam Adams

“There is no better objective, consumer-friendly resource for news and information about craft beers and breweries than The website contains something for everyone, from beer education and tips for beginners, to insights about the history and culture of our industry for the enthusiasts. It’s one of the most important assets we, as brewers and marketers, share in presenting our story to the public.” Jeremy Ragonese, Boulevard Brewing

“As more people who previously only drank mass produced bland beer discover the world of craft beer, they want information on the great variety of beers and breweries from around the country. is the perfect portal for beginning this voyage into the experience that is craft beer.” Brock Wagner, Saint Arnold Brewing the Community was built for the craft beer community and with our visitors in mind.  There are many ways that you can participate on the site through comments or submitted content.  We would love to hear from you!  We are open to suggestions, ideas and user-generated content, and we encourage you to contact Meghan Storey, Web Editor, with any feedback.

So cheers, not only to this new venture, but your unending thirst for craft beer and the community surrounding this amazing beverage. We truly hope you enjoy the site, participate, share, and embrace as a top resource.

Julia Herz is the Craft Beer Program Director for the Brewers Association, co-author of the free Beer & Food Course, as well co-author of Beer Pairing (Voyageur Press). She is a life-long homebrewer, BJCP beer judge and Certified Cicerone®. Despite her extensive experience, she will always consider herself a beer beginner on an unending journey to learn more about craft beer.

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