Ten Hottest Beer Trends of 2011

By Meghan Storey

It has been quite an exciting year for craft beer lovers! With nearly 2,000 operating breweries in the country and hundreds on the books in the planning stages, the look ahead to 2012 is filled with more new brands, styles and beer trends than ever before.

We’re taking a look back at the top 10 CraftBeer.com posts of 2011 to see what trending topics were the most popular of the year. From recipes to festivals, all the way to craft beer-inspired body art, you’ve certainly shown your love for beer goes far beyond the tap.


10. Summer Beer Festival Guide by Brain Yaeger

Brian Yaeger, author of Red, White & Brew, is a veteran beer festival-goer and beer traveler; he literally wrote the book! We asked him to share a few tips and suggestions for a summer full of craft beer.


9. San Francisco—A City of Delights by Lucy Saunders

From March 23-26, San Francisco became Craft Beer Mecca as it hosted the 2011 Craft Brewers Conference. Take a sneak peak at just a few of the pubs, restaurants and bars that make San Fran such a great craft beer city.


8. Pumpkin Beer Ice Cream by ModernDomestic.com

The ModernDomestic blog chronicles Jenna Huntsberger’s obsession with baking, pastry, dessert, and living the sweet life in Washington, DC. Here’s her recipe for a delicious pumpkin beer ice cream!


7. Greg Koch Uncensored—The Great Myth of Wine & Cheese by Greg Koch

Greg Koch, of Stone Brewing Co., comes out of the gates swinging as he aims to dispel the myth of the superior pairing qualities of wine and cheese.


6. Garlic, Salted Beer-Baked French Fries by The Edible Perspective

These crispy beer-soaked french fries from The Edible Perspective are the perfect side or start to a fun summer meal. Other herbs we think might be delish: sage, rosemary, chives or thyme.


5.  Why Women Are a Critical Part of the Future of U.S. Craft Beer by Ginger Johnson

Ginger Johnson, creator of Women Enjoying Beer, explains that women are the future of craft beer in the U.S. because they are the seriously under-tapped, misrepresented, and often overlooked market that can be developed to help sustain the entire craft beer community.


4. The Secret Life of Hops by Andy Sparhawk

You probably know that hops provide much more to craft beer than just bitterness, but how much do you really know? Andy Sparhawk shares just a few of his revelations about this amazing plant.


3. Brew Year’s Eve by Meghan Storey

Brew Year’s Eve, April 7, celebrates the eve of the modification of the Volstead Act which raised the legal alcohol percentage of beverages from .05 percent to 3.2 percent, allowing some beers to be legal once again.


2. Nano-Breweries: Talk of the Craft Beer Nation by John Holl

John Holl, author of Indiana Breweries takes a look at today’s small, but mighty craft nano-breweries. These increasingly popular breweries take producing and drinking craft beer locally to the next level.


1. Vote for the Top Ten Tattoos of Craft Beer by Anthony Orig

CraftBeer.com set out to find the best craft beer-themed tattoos out there. After narrowing it down to 32, we asked our readers to help decide. With more than 15,500 votes, from over 10,000 of our beer-lovin’ readers, this was by far our most popular post of the year!