GQ’s Wine Guy, Alan Richman, Reveals He’s a Craft Beer Convert

By Andy Sparhawk

It might seem like old news to many of us, but if Alan Richman just discovered that craft beer is a comparable alternative to wine at the dinner table, maybe you know someone who hasn’t got the memo either.

On July 22, Alan Richman,GQ Magazine’s Wine Guy and 14-time James Beard Award Winner, revealed how he became a cross drinking convert. Here are some of Alan’s craft beer revelations from his New York ‘beer-piphany,’

The full article, “Alan Richman’s Wine Guide: Beer” and his “Ten Beers Not to Miss” can be found at

1. Craft Beer’s Star Status

“Right now, nothing in America in the field of food-and-drink is as impressive and as ambitious as what is taking place with beer.”

2. The Value of Craft Beer at Restaurants

“…what restaurants do is buy passable wine at wholesale prices and charge the price they paid for the bottle for every glass they sell. Wine-by-the glass is not about pleasing customers; it’s about thrilling bookkeepers.”

“At the same time, I had begun seeing fascinating beers, although I couldn’t tell you much about them except that they cost as little as $6 a glass, $7 a bottle.”

3. Beverage of the Youth

“It seems to me that young waiters-and are there any other kinds these days?-have become fascinated by beer programs. I suspect they don’t feel quite the same about wine, perceiving it to be old-school and financially out-of-reach. Beer is neither, even if it’s probably the world’s oldest alcoholic beverage.”

4. Craft Beer’s Variety

“…and then he had me come by the restaurant and taste styles of beer I never imagined existed, including a shot of Sam Adams Utopias, which is beer aged 12-16 years in whiskey casks and drunk like a brandy. (The nose was somewhat maderized, the flavor somewhere between port and Cognac, and the acidity profound.)”