Wet Your Whistle With Craft Beer on St. Patrick’s Day

By Julia Herz

St. Patrick’s Day is a beer related holiday, plain and simple. But, where does craft beer from today’s small and independent producers fit into the mix?

To branch beyond Guinness, and keep it local, remember to stock up on your favorite craft brewery’s March offerings. These seasonal beers often give you the chance to try a style you might not be very familiar with, and their limited availability often offers an experience that can’t be had anywhere else in the world!

Below are just a few of the craft beers available that will wet the whistle of both beer beginner and beer geek on a day that is known for sharing a pint.


St. Patrick’s Day Craft Beer Offerings

1847 Rye Stout | Lavery Brewing Co. | Erie, PA

1847 is a dry, bitter, Irish-style dark ale brewed with rye, Munich and roasted barley malts, massive amounts of Columbus hops and a special in-house yeast.

shortsUncle Steve’s Irish Stout | Short’s Brewing Co. | Bellaire, MI

Short’s version of the classic Irish Stout, complete with a dark color, soft head and smooth full flavors typical of this style. A simple grist formula provides a base of roasted malt flavors while the infusion of nitrogen adds the creamy drinkability everyone loves.

Ring of Dingle | Sun King Brewing Co. | Indianapolis, IN

An Irish dry stout, named after a scenic road network in Ireland, Ring of Dingle is as dark as night. It has a surprisingly light body and a thick, creamy head with a flavor that is rich and roasty and ends with a clean dry finish. 

What craft beer will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with this year?

Julia Herz is the Craft Beer Program Director for the Brewers Association, co-author of the free CraftBeer.com Beer & Food Course, as well co-author of Beer Pairing (Voyageur Press). She is a life-long homebrewer, BJCP beer judge and Certified Cicerone®. Despite her extensive experience, she will always consider herself a beer beginner on an unending journey to learn more about craft beer.

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