Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with American Craft Beer

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with American Craft Beer

Cinco de Mayo is the perfect day to experience the Mexican-style lagers made by today’s American craft brewers. These craft beers honor the tradition of this Mexican style, while adding a few updates, which makes each beer distinct and special.

America’s craft brewers have jumped on board with the holiday and quite a few take the opportunity to highlight the rich history and flavors of the Mexican-style lager.┬áThe Mexican lager’s roots actually lie in Austria, and brewer Anton Dreher, who created the Vienna-style lager in 1836. The style was then brought to Mexico by Austrian brewers in the late 1800s. where it has continued to thrive.

This Cinco de Mayo, instead of grabbing a six-pack of the standard beers of the holiday, check out these American craft beers.

Craft Beers To Enjoy on Cinco de Mayo

Check your local brewery’s menu for special releases brewed for Cinco de Mayo!

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