‘Don’t be Silly Silly!’ Brewery Video Spoofs Bud Light Ads

‘Don’t be Silly Silly!’ Brewery Video Spoofs Bud Light Ads

What kind of beer would royalty actually drink? A Connecticut craft brewery has an answer to that question with a spoof on Bud Light’s “Dilly, Dilly” commercials.

BAD SONS Beer Co. posted a new video, “Don’t be Silly Silly”, to its Facebook page. In it, a king and queen are presented with two dinner options. The first: “A very common dish in the kingdom: cabbage, served with a widely produced ale.” Option two: “A farm-raised grass-fed farm-raised porterhouse steak paired with a BAD SONS double IPA Lupefied, made with the freshest water in the valley, CTZ hops, Centennial and Citra.”

When the server asks their preference, the queen replies: “Don’t be silly, silly!” Of course, they want the tastier of the two dinners! Point made.

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“We just felt that the ‘Dilly, Dilly’ commercials didn’t really make a whole lot of sense. If you were a king or queen, would you really be eating and drinking the most common and ordinary meals?” says Mike Student, the brewery’s brand commissioner. “We thought the complete opposite being a craft house.”

Student says it took about four weeks to put the whole production together. They shot it in about five hours in BAD SONS barrel aging room. All the actors in the video are brewery employees.

“We have a great group of personalities here at the brewery and when we realized we had the perfect cast for each role, we presented the idea to everyone and they were thrilled to be a part of it and make it happen,” he tells CraftBeer.com.

BAD SONS joins a handful of independent breweries who have put their own creative spin on the “Dilly, Dilly” commercials. In 2017, Minneapolis’ Modist Brewing Company released a double IPA called “Dilly, Dilly,” which triggered a rather creative cease and desist letter from Bud.

Watch BADS SONS “Don’t be Silly Silly” video below.

Don't be Silly Silly

How about this for a super bowl commercial.. right back at ya big beer!

Posted by BAD SONS Beer Co. on Friday, January 18, 2019

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