Lazy Magnolia: Mississippi Brewery Among Country’s Largest Microbreweries

Lazy Magnolia: Mississippi Brewery Among Country’s Largest Microbreweries

Don’t let the name fool you. The name Lazy Magnolia may transport the mind to a muggy Mississippi summer day, however, Mark and Leslie Henderson and their staff have had little time to rock in the porch swing, sip on Deep South Pale Ale and watch their namesake white-petaled flowers sway in the breeze. Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company (LMBC) has been hard at work brewing and expanding their hometown business.

LMBC was the first post-Prohibition brewery to open in the state in 2005, and they produced 600 barrels of beer in that first year. Fast-forward to 2012, Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company produced 14,000 barrels of beer, thanks to an expansion that included a new 60 barrel brewhouse and a pair grain silos that hold 60 tons of grain.

A microbrewery is defined by the Brewers Association as a brewery “that produces less than 15,000 barrels of beer per year with 75 percent or more of its beer sold off-site.” The 14,000 barrels produced last year left “Busy” Magnolia just 1,001 barrels short of breaking through their microbrewery status to become a regional craft brewer. With continued expansion plans for 2013, the Kiln, Miss., brewery looks to become one on the nation’s smallest regional craft breweries.

For more information on LMBC’s expansion plans and news on their Back Porch Seasonal Series, check out the January Lazy News and subscribe to future updates from the, albeit lively, Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company.

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