Maine Craft Brewers Team Up with L.L. Bean for the Most ‘Maine’ Collaboration Possible

Maine Craft Brewers Team Up with L.L. Bean for the Most ‘Maine’ Collaboration Possible

Fall in New England is renowned for its colors. The state of Maine alone offers residents and an influx of seasonal visitors alike over 12 million acres of forest to go leaf peeping. But when that crisp fall weather turns south, a seasoned outdoorsman will be glad they have a good pair of boots and a map to the nearest craft brewery. That’s probably why family-owned outfitter L.L. Bean teamed up with some of their home state’s craft brewers to highlight their fall boot collection.

Five of Maine’s independent craft brewers have partnered with the 106-year-old L.L. Bean to pair small batch beers with small batch boots in what has to be the most epically-Maine collaboration ever. The five Bean Boots and Brews breweries – Fogtown Brewing, Mast Landing Brewing, Orono Brewing, Rising Tide Brewing and Threshers Brewing – brewed beers inspired by L.L. Beans Small Batch fall boot collection. The combination not only highlights the companies’ mutual small batch offerings, but the state of Maine and their commitment to quality and independence.

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“As our brewers look to maintain independence in an increasingly competitive industry, L.L.Bean is a great example of how you can balance being independent and family-owned, while growing to become a global brand,” said Sean Sullivan of the Maine Brewers Guild. “When we started to think through the idea for this campaign, it was important to us that we honor the collaborative spirit of the Maine craft beer community along with the individual brewers,” said Sean Sullivan. “Each of our brewers bring something different to the table and draw from inspiration unique to their location.”

Family-owned outfitter L.L. Bean’s 2018 Fall Small Batch Boot Collection helped inspired five Maine-centric beers from area craft brewers. (L.L. Bean)

Small Batch Maine Beers

Fogtown Brewing Co. | Wonderland Acadian Pale Ale

Herbal Ale Infused with Sweet Fern & Bog Myrtle (5.5% ABV)

Like Maine itself, this pale ale is unique and wildly refreshing. Brewed with 100 percent Maine-grown ingredients including locally foraged sweet fern, bog myrtle and sea water from the coast of Mount Desert Island.

Rising Tide Brewing | Drift American Ale

Tart Ale with Local Sumac (4.2% ABV)

This is the beer you want waiting for you after a great day outdoors. Crisp, refreshing and crafted with the vibrant red sumac berries you’ll find along Maine’s forest paths.

Orono Brewing Co. | The Way Life Should Be IPA

Triple dry-hopped IPA with 100% Maine Grown Grain (6% ABV) Find a Craft Brewery Brewed with multiple rounds of hops for maximum flavor, each sip of this IPA reminds us there is no place in the world like Maine.

Threshers Brewing Co. | Knife’s Edge IPA

Malty IPA with a woodsy profile and hints of caramel (8% ABV)

The earthiness of this incredible IPA is reminiscent of fall mornings when you wake to the crisp, invigorating air with nothing to do but take it all in.

Mast Landing Brewing Company | 100 Mile Wilderness Stout

Trail Mix Stout with flavors of peanuts, chocolate and cranberries (5.4% ABV)

Savory and sweet without being too heavy. It’s like a handful of your favorite trail mix, in a beer.

You can sample the brewers’ creations at each brewery – and find some of them in limited local distribution – starting October 19. L.L. Bean’s Small batch boots are available now online.

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