Father’s Day Double IPA Honors Daddy/Daughter Duo

Father’s Day Double IPA Honors Daddy/Daughter Duo

A double IPA beer release isn’t necessarily breaking news these days, but when the story behind the beer is as fun as what we’re hearing out of Modist Brewing, we’re telling you about it!

The Minneapolis craft brewery — yes, the same Modist Brewing who earned itself a viral cease and desist from Bud when it released a double IPA named “Dilly, Dilly” in December 2017 — has created quite a tribute for Father’s Day (and it’s much less likely to land them in hot water with Big Beer’s legal folks).

The brewery has announced it’ll release “Let’s Go, Daddy-O,” a double IPA, in time for Father’s Day. Here’s the fun part: The beer name and the label art come straight from the duo Modist calls its “first daddy/daughter combo,” Dixon and Veda, who have been part of the Minneapolis brewery family since before it even opened its doors.

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“The naming and artwork credit goes straight to Dixon’s 3-yr-old daughter Veda, whose recent discovery of the term ‘Daddy-O’ as a replacement for ‘Dad’ came at a perfect time,” Modist explains. “The artwork, plucked straight from the Dixon family’s fridge, is Veda’s hyper-realistic rendition of her dad. This masterpiece simultaneously captures the inner giant potato-ness of Dixon’s father figure AND the fact that his hair does in fact float slightly above his head.”

Take a look at Veda’s artistic chops.

modist brewing father's day beer
The 3-year-old daughter of two Modist Brewing employees inspired the name and the artwork for the brewery’s Father’s Day beer. (Modist Brewing)

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The double IPA is brewed from oats and wheat with Azacca, Vic Secret, and Simcoe hops, clocking in at 8.6% ABV. The brewery will release “Let’s Go, Daddy-O” on Father’s Day (June 17, 2018) in crowlers at the brewery.

Get dad a craft beer this year — he’ll appreciate it even more than a card.

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