Take Craft Back has New Fundraising Plans to ‘Buy’ AB InBev

Take Craft Back has New Fundraising Plans to ‘Buy’ AB InBev

Take Craft Back, the tongue-in-cheek crowdfunding campaign to “buy” Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) has earned more than $3.5 million in pledges — but that’s still a teeny bit short of the $213 billion goal, so the team is showing off new fundraising plans.

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In a new video released Tuesday, Andy, Take Craft Back’s spokesperson, says the beer giant didn’t jump at his first $127,000 offer to buy the company.

“Let’s just say they weren’t willing to negotiate. But that won’t stop us!” he says, and then launches into a half-dozen new ways Take Craft Back is picking up some extra cash.

They’re taking a page out of every fundraiser book possible, from high school-like carwashes to a telethon to airtime on a Home Shopping Network type channel (where the crème de la crème item for sale is a vintage Blockbuster Video membership card, which comes complete with $17.48 in late fees. Sign me up!)

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Check out the two-minute video above for details, and head to TakeCraftBack.com where a pledge still earns you some cool swag.

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