Telluride Brewing Company’s NASCAR Debut

Telluride Brewing Company’s NASCAR Debut

Sports and beer have always been a true American pairing; however most of professional sport’s coveted sponsorships have been maintained by the kings of adjunct lager. The 32nd Annual DRIVE4COPD 300 at Daytona International Speedway on Saturday, Feb, 23, marks a change in pace, as Telluride Brewing Company (TBC), of Telluride Colo., will feature their logo on the number 23 car, driven by Robert Richardson Jr.

In a cross marketing collaboration, TBC is teaming up with Stalk It, a start-up using re-purposed corn stalks to make long boards. Stalk It Founder Lane Segerstrom, who holds a Guinness World Record for fastest towed speed on a longboard, sent TBC’s Brian Gavin a text asking: “Do you want to throw the TBC logo on a NASCAR?” Gavin laughed while recalling his reply to the ridiculous proposition: “We can’t afford to do that!” Segerstrom replied: “We’ll throw the TBC logo on the car pro bono.”

Gavin jumped on the idea, and in an unlikely combination TBC and Stalk It longboards will each have logos featured on Robert Richardson Jr.’s 2013 Chevy Camaro for the Daytona Drive for COPD 300.

“What people can do today [as collaborations] is really cool,” said Gavin. We have a lot of synergy. Longboarding and the Stalk It vision is similar to what we are doing [at TBC]. They are interested in a lot of the same people we are interested in.”

The DRIVE4COPD 300, marks the start of the Nationwide NASCAR circuit. The race on the Saturday before the Daytona 500 will feature the two implausible brands on a national stage. The stories of craft beer collaboration are endless, but the two logos on Richardson Jr.’s Camaro and racing suit are likely the first cross marketing featuring craft beer, longboards and NASCAR.

Telluride may be known for its world-class skiing, but now the tap room at TBC might just be the best place to catch the DRIVE4COPD 300. If you find yourself in Telluride skiing or watching NASCAR, check out the TBC taproom and sample the award-winning Face Down Brown, which is soon to be offered in cans.

Additional promotions during the DRIVE4COPD 300 include a Stalk It longboard raffle at The Brown Dog in downtown Telluride. Or gear up and watch the race in person like Gavin, his dad and the TBC beer that was shipped down to Florida for the race. Catch the race on Saturday, Feb. 23 at 1 p.m. EST on ESPN.

Andrew KaczmarekAndrew Kaczmarek, is the current Craft Beer Program Intern, hop farmer, beer writer for the CU Independent, homebrewer and student at the University of Colorado in his final semester. When not pursuing hoppiness, as a Colorado native, he spends his free time skiing, camping or biking in the Rocky Mountains.