New Video Points Out the Obvious: There are A LOT of Beer Acronyms

New Video Points Out the Obvious: There are A LOT of Beer Acronyms

If beer acronyms have you lost, don’t worry, you’re not alone. A new brutally honest, funny video from Ska Brewing points out the obvious: the beer community is a bit too generous with acronyms.

The new video features CEO Dave Thibodeau and Sales Manager Arlo Grammatica chatting by a water cooler about Ska’s new year-round beer, which they made into an acronym (of course!). The new beer’s full name is Bad Hop Contract DIPA, but you’ll see it as “BHC DIPA” in stores and at the brewery.

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How did the beer get its name?

“Just a few years ago there was a hop shortage and prices skyrocketed, and as is our M.O., we signed a bunch of bad hop contracts–maybe our next beer can use up some excess CTZ’s!” Thibodeau says in a news release.

The brewery officially releases BHC DIPA Saturday, Sept. 30. You don’t need to RSVP for the party (see what I did there?!) — just show up at the brewery.

Oh — and if you’re not familiar with Ska Brewing, “Ska” isn’t an acronym itself; they’re named after Ska music.

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We put together the handy key below to help walk you through some of the acronyms Dave and Arlo use in the video. We hope you find it helpful. You can also use our Beer Glossary to check out a ton more beer terms

TTYL, beer friends!

Ska Video Beer Acronym Key

  • BHC DIPA – Bad Hop Contract Double India Pale Ale
  • ATF – Alcohol, Fire & Tobacco
  • TTB – Alcohol, Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau
  • GABF – The Great American Beer Festival
  • EPA – English Pale Ale
  • APA – American Pale Ale
  • IPA – India Pale Ale
  • DIPA – Double India Pale Ale
  • NE IPA – New England Style IPA
  • CTZs – CTZ stands for three similar high alpha bittering hop varieties: Columbus, Tomahawk and Zeus.
  • POS – Point of Sale
  • IBUs – International Bitterness Units
  • ABV – Alcohol By Volume
  • SRM – Standard Reference Method (the measurement scale of beer color)
  • N.W.A – The hip-hop group Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and Eazy-E
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