Thursday Beer Lovers Tour

Our Thursday Beer Lovers Tour is the perfect way to spend an evening imbibing. It’s a good mix of learning about beer, the brewing process and having a great time. The tour visits three Portland breweries – The Commons Brewery, Base Camp Brewing and Migration Brewing. We begin at The Commons Brewery and their intimate tasting room for a sampling of beers inspired by the European traditions that are the basis for farmhouse and Flemish style ales as we give tasting tips and talk about the ingredients in beer. Next we hit Base Camp Brewing for Beer 101, which wouldn’t be complete without tasting a variety of their beers. The grand finale of food, fun and beer trivia takes place at Migration Brewing.

The tour is all-inclusive of beer, food, souvenir Brewvana Pilsner glass, pretzel necklace, sampling journal and safe and fun transportation all over town. Tours are 21+ with valid ID required. To register visit or call 503-729-6804. Cost: $75/person.

Event Details

Date: April 30, 2015
Event Type: Tastings
Contact: Kris

Event Location

Portland, OR 97214