Baying Hound Aleworks

By Meghan Storey

Baying Hound Aleworks is a small nano-brewery located outside of Washington, DC in Rockville, Maryland. Baying Hound was founded by Paul Rinehart, a trained French chef of L’Academie de Cuisine, turned web develpoer with a passion for homebrewing. The brewery is named in honor of his bloodhound Marmalade, who kept him company in his days as a homebrewer.

I caught up with Paul for a quick interview to get the scoop on this quickly growing brewery.

Meghan Storey (MS): How has being a professionally trained chef helped you in your brewing career?

Paul Rinehart (PR): Having a culinary background helps me to formulate beers to go with food. For example, I’m a huge fan of curry, our Mild Pale Ale was partially designed to go with curry.  

(MS): Has Baying Hound brewed any collaboration beers or are there any planned in the future? If so, with who? 

(PR): We’ve been talking about doing a collaborative with Growlers of Gaithersburg. Still up in the air what we would end up brewing.  

(MS): If you could brew a collaboration with any brewer in the country, who would it by and why?

(PR): Where to start, I would love to do a collaboration with the local guys, like DC Brau Brewing, Chocolate City Beer, and 3 Stars Brewing. Their local and they make great beer, it would be an honor to work with them.

(MS): What’s your favorite place in the DC-area to grab a craft beer? 

(PR): I’m a big fan of the Royal Mile Pub in Wheaton, MD. The bar tenders and wait staff are extremely friendly, when I walk in, I feel like I’m on an episode of Cheers.

(MS): How quickly has Baying Hound grown since opening and are there plans in 2012 for expansion?

(PR): We went from brewing two barrels ever two weeks, to around six barrels every two weeks. We’re tiny. We are in the process of expanding, upgrading all of our equipment and moving into a larger facility.  

(MS): Are there any new styles that Baying Hound is planning on brewing in 2012?

(PR): I have my brewer Jared Bassman working on an IPA. He’s a bit of a perfectionist, so we’ve gone through several test batches and let the people who come in for tours be the judge. We’re also looking into releasing our Multigrain Ale, and perhaps an Amber.

(MS): Why is the DC-area such a great place for an emerging craft brewery?

(PR): In Montgomery County, we’re actually the only non-brewpub, so we are unique in that way. In DC, before DC Brau, Chocolate City and 3 Stars came along, there hadn’t been a brewery here in about 50 years, and now look at us! Beer is the new wine and a lot of local restaurants are really jumping on that and having some awesome beer dinners.

Hear more from Paul on the Baying Hound Aleworks blog.

Meghan StoreyMeghan Storey, the Brewers Association’s Web Editor, has been lucky enough to work in the world of craft beer for the past four years. She holds a degree in Print Journalism from the University of Mississippi, and has recently relocated to Nashville, TN. She loves to introduce friends to new craft beers and food pairings. Since beginning work on she can be found adding beer to just about everything she cooks.