Cismontane Brewing Celebrates 2nd Anniversary

By Cismontane Brewing Company

(cis-mon-tane): This side of the mountains. In reference to coastal Southern California.

April marks Cismontane Brewing’s 2nd anniversary and coincides with the brewery putting the finishing touches on a very impressive 1,500 square foot expansion. In addition to doubling their footprint, the 15-barrel brewhouse receives some back-up in the form of 30 more barrels of fermentation space, 90 barrels of maturation/lagering space, and a new glycol chiller unit.

After receiving the go ahead to start building the new space in January, the walls almost immediately started coming down, equipment was trucked in, and the jackhammers started pounding away. A remarkable amount of the work was done in-house; it turns out the Cismontane extended family is far reaching and more than willing to trade their time and effort for a free beer.

“I’m blown away by how fast everything came together. Four months after we started and we’re putting the finishing touches on the expansion,” says Assistant Brewer Jim Classick. “The timing of it all is pretty cool too because it lines up pretty perfectly with anniversary. It’ll be great to show our customers how far we’ve come in the past year.”

Current Brewing StatsCIS-progress

1,591 sqft (395 tasting room / 1,196 brewery
75 barrels of fermentation
60 barrels of storage
Production: about 600 barrels in 2011

Post Expansion Stats

3,187 sqft (530 tasting room / 2,657 brewery)
105 barrels of fermentation
90 barrels of maturation / lagering
60 barrels of storage
Production: about 1,500 barrels

2nd Anniversary Festivities

Anniversary festivities kick off Friday, April 27, with a special cask tapping at the tasting room. Dry Hopped Citizen, a French oak barrel cask of Coulter IPA, and a cask of 2nd Anniversary Belgian IPA are among the planned unique offerings.

On Saturday, April 28, in addition to the brewery’s normal offerings, 15+ of their rare, one time brews will make an appearance (yes, the team saved a keg of each for this occasion). Special taps include (but are not limited to: Southern Hemi Cyclone Yasi, Pandion Pale II, Session Saison, and Brut Du Sauvin.

If you are in the area, come on out and help Cismontane ring its third year with a pint and a tour of the new facilities!