Double Mountain Brewery & Taproom

By Alex Gearhart

Brewing veterans Matt Swihart and Charlie Devereux came together after years of friendship to bring their “brewers brewery” to life in Hood River, Ore., in 2007. The usual doldrums and delays of getting a brewery up and running plagued the duo, but as luck would have it, St. Patrick’s Day presented itself as a reasonable opening day. Double Mountain Brewery & Taproom’s grand opening was a huge success, with a line spilling out the front entrance.

Double Mountain brews the kind of beers that industry veterans can appreciate; aggressively hopped, well balanced beers. As newcomers in an ever evolving industry, hoppy, bitter beers take great importance in the Double Mountain lineup. But they still brew beer for everyone, starting at 40 IBU’s and climbing sky high. In addition to the great beer, their menu offers a wide variety of food, including a classic east coast coal-fired pizza made with local Shepard’s Grain flour and baked in a brick oven. 

Located thirty minutes from Mount Hood, Hood River is bursting at the seams with active people; it’s a paradise for the outdoor enthusiasts. This community of mountain bikers and hikers has stoked the flame of the brewery with fervor. The Hood River boys find that people who appreciate a nice quality of life also appreciate a pleasant brew from time to time.

Saint Patrick’s Day

The Double Mountain boys like to have a good time and do their best to make sure their patrons do too. With frequent parties and free live music two days a week, Double Mountain is a hopping joint. When it comes down to the annual St. Patty’s anniversary party, Matt and Charlie kick it up a notch.

The anniversary parties bring out Hood River locals and tourists and truly have “become a magnet for the community,” relates Devereux. He also explains that these parties serve as really big thank you events for the community that supports their operation. 

For the fifth anniversary party on March 17, 2012, Matt and Charlie are excited to have guest veteran rockers the Meat Puppets and three additional bands to hold down the tunes. St. Patty’s specials will be going on in the kitchen and special reserve beers will be unleashed, including a bourbon barrel-aged Brown Ale. The celebration will be housed under a colossal tent in front of the brewery.

In case Double Mountain didn’t have enough going on, the annual anniversary celebration is icing on the cake. Rumor on the street is that this year’s party coincides with an annoucement of plans for expansion! Keep your eyes peeled for Double Mountain developments in the near future, and quaff a pint or two with the Meat Puppets this March 17.

Alex GearhartAlex Gearhart, current Craft Beer Program intern at the Brewers Association, is a worshipper of the sun and cottonwoods, he can be found homebrewing when not exploring the Colorado Plateau. After completing his BA in Spanish for Business from the University of Colorado at Boulder in May, he plans to take his knowledge from the Napa Valley of Beer to Brazil to start his own brewpub.