Great Divide Brewing Co.

By Brian Dunn, Founder

I grew up in a house of 5 kids, a mother who was a phenomenal cook and a father who really liked beer, wine and spirits. Eating and drinking was a big part of my family life and I was very lucky to have exposure to good food (and some drink) at an early age. My appreciation for good beer carried through to college, where I seemed to be one of the few people drinking good beer. After graduating from college, I worked overseas for 5 years building farms in North Africa and living in several European countries. It became a 5-year study of local beer for me.

I returned to Colorado to get a graduate degree and began homebrewing during grad school. I went totally off the deep end homebrewing and it truly was a hobby that went awry. I was soon brewing several times per week. While on a flight to California for a job interview in my area of study, I decided to move forward doing a marketing study to start a brewery in Denver. This ultimately led to writing a business plan. A year and a half after doing the marketing study, I had a brewery open in Downtown Denver.

I like the freedom of being a craft brewer. We make the decisions about what beers to brew, what to name them and how we’re going to run the brewery. I like teaching people about the great qualities of fresh craft beer and exposing them to beer that is outside their normal realm. More than anything though, I like running the brewery because I have a strong passion for beer and I like to see people enjoying good beer. It’s just something I want to be involved in. Beer is fun. I’m really fortunate to be doing something I love to do and have such great co-workers to help the brewery achieve what we set out to do. We have creative, independent-minded employees and that’s a great fit for what we’re doing; brewing unique, high-quality beers that are amongst the best in the world.

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