Great Lakes Brewing Company

By Great Lakes Brewing Company

Great Lakes Brewing Company (GLBC), which is comprised of a brewery and brewpub, was founded in 1988 by brothers Patrick and Daniel Conway as the first microbrewery in the state of Ohio and today remains Ohio’s most celebrated and award-winning brewer of the lagers and ales. GLBC’s distribution area extends throughout the Great Lakes region and surrounding areas (12 states and Washington DC).

Great Lakes Brewing Company is known for its exceptional family of fresh year round beers.  GLBC’s tagline is “Our flagship is more like a fleet” since one beer does not comprise a majority of the portfolio or sales.  GLBC’s varietal family includes: Burning River Pale Ale (The Bold, Hoppy, Rebellious One); Dortmunder Gold Lager (The Classic Firstborn Perfectionist); Commodore Perry India Pale Ale (The Dry, Witty Antagonist); Eliot Ness Amber Lager (The Noble Do-Gooder); Edmund Fitzgerald Porter (The Dark, Complex Middle Child). GLBC also offers award-winning seasonals and pub exclusives throughout the year.

Great Lakes Brewing Company

In 2010, GLBC underwent major capital improvements ($7M investment) throughout its brewery that included a new centrifuge, brewhouse additions, filler, rinser, conveyors and packaging efficiency upgrades, a new grain silo, flooring and piping, and lastly, the installation of four additional storage and fermentation tanks. Eight more tanks are scheduled to be added in 2011. Barrelage at GLBC was just over 100,000 bbls in 2010.

Great Lakes Brewing Company operates on a Triple Bottom Line philosophy—to engage in economic, social and environmental practices that achieve a sustainable, yet profitable, business.  As a result, GLBC celebrates all things fresh and local (when possible), especially food.  GLBC currently manages two organic farms, Pint Size Farm and Ohio City Farm, where produce is grown for the Brewpub. 

Customers visiting Great Lakes Brewing Company have the opportunity to experience more than just beer and food. GLBC offers a wide variety of experiences for all of its visitors, including: