Left Hand Brewing Company

By CraftBeer.com

Since 1994, Left Hand Brewing Company, nestled along the St. Vrain River in Longmont, Colorado, has been producing world-class craft beer. The brewery was named after the Arapahoe Chief Niwot, whose tribe wintered in the Longmont area. The name Left Hand is derived from the southern Arapahoe word “Niwot”, which means Left Hand.

We have college pals Dick Doore and Eric Wallace to thank for the incredible beery goodness that is coming out of Left Hand. While spending time in Germany during high school and living overseas for eight years after graduating from the Air Force Academy, Eric Wallace was determined to bring the rich and flavorful beers of Europe back to America.

Over the last 18 years, Left Hand has experienced great success and growth. In 2008 & 2009, three new 60 bbl brewhouse vessels and five 180-bbl fermenters were added to the brewing system, amping up capacity to 35,000 bbls a year.

Left Hand’s mantra is balance. Balance in the craft beers they produce, and balance in the way they go about producing those beers. In May of 2009, a group of employees from a number of departments within the company formed Left Hand Green. Through monthly meetings, this team works to more responsibly and efficiently produce Left Hand beers. Learn more about Left Hand Green.

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